Tips to Score Well in Class 12 Chemistry Exam

In this article, we have discussed some tips that will help you score well in class 12 chemistry exam.Chemistry Exam Tips

  • If you are not confident about the subject and feel that you are not good at Chemistry, you need to start studying early. If you do so, you will have sufficient time for revision.
  • Make sure not to rush and finish the units or chapters. You need to understand the scientific concepts, chemical reactions, theory, and experiment. If you are unable to understand the concepts, clarify your doubts by discussing it with your teacher.
  • Apart from the textbook, it is better to always have a reference book, for example, chemistry solutions book where you can find relevant answers to exercise questions and gain a deeper knowledge of the topics.
  • Do not miss any chemistry lecture and make a habit to complete your homework without fail. It will help you to stay up to date with the new topics on a daily basis.
  • Whenever a chemistry assignment is given, solve it by yourself.
  • Group studies will help you have a strong grip on the topics as you will be thorough with the concepts by explaining it to your friends who have doubts regarding the subject. Also, your doubts can be clarified by your friends.
  • Be regular for chemistry practical classes. Do not be lazy to perform the experiment by just watching your lab partner performing it. Unless you do the experiment yourself, you won’t understand what chemical is used, when it undergoes what reaction. For instance, an experiment on Le Chatelier’s principle to study the effects of stresses, like change in concentrations or temperature of products and reactants, foist on a system at equilibrium. If you perform the experiment, observe and record the results and you will remember it for a longer duration.
  • Solve the numerical problems seriously as you can score full marks.
  • Revise the chapters as many times as possible.
  • Gather sample papers, previous year question papers, attend the mock exams to test your preparation level.
  • Importance of solving question papers is that it will help you analyze your strong and weak spots. Also, it will give you an idea about the time you take to complete the exam.

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