The Top 4 tips for SEO in 2018

Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate way of increasing your website visibility. It is a fast-changing game that requires a dedicated professional to keep updating the site the proper SEO strategies are employed on a consistent basis. You will need to look at the numbers brought about by your present search engine strategies. If these numbers are not impressive, then you ultimately need to improve.  You can visit to learn the latest search engine optimization strategies that work in 2018 and beyond. We shall discuss some of these strategies in this article.Top Tips For SEO in 2018

Here are the top 4 SEO strategies in 2018 to implement:

  1. Finding the right Keywords

This is one of the strategies that has not changed over the years. Choosing the right keywords is key to your success. You have to research and target the right keywords for your SEO success. Your keywords will be based on your niche and this determines how visible your website will be. Without some target keywords in mind, your SEO campaign may be of little consequence. Use the right keyword search tools such as Google AdWords. All one needs is a valid Google account for this to work.

  1. On-Page SEO efforts count

Another effort that could be related to the use of the right keyword is the on-page SEO efforts. You have to optimize the pages so that they are attractive and appropriate for the web crawlers. You can have the right keywords but remember that these need not be stuffed. You should ensure that the pages have the right content that is naturally written. Your keywords should be in the right places such as in the page title and in the meta description of the page. The keyword should also be available in the URL and in the first and second headings. On-page optimization techniques ensures that your content is perfectly optimized for both the search engine and the user.

  1. Optimization of your images

Having images as part of your web content is a good thing to optimize the pages. In 2018 and beyond, users will be attracted to images or visual content like never before. As such, the kind of images and even videos that you use in your website will count a lot in your search engine optimization strategies. The image file name should be modified as well as the ALT tag. Depending on the website you are using, you can change the ALT tag. Do some research on how to go about this. You should also compress your images before you upload them to your website. You can use tools such as

  1. Your backlink profile should be boosted

This is one of the best off-page SEO strategies that work in boosting your visibility and improvement of traffic to your website. Your backlink profile means that you must have traffic coming from other websites to yours. You need to link your website to others that belong to the same niche. When search engines notice that there is traffic coming from other sites to yours; they will rank the website higher. To do this, you could contribute content to other relevant outlets and link back to your website. You should repair old links or recover some that could have been lost once you changed your URL.


These were some of the best SEO techniques you should use now to rank your keyword and website. Still it’s recommended not to do anything wrong as search engine nowadays keep on running the updates. So, play safe and rank high!