The Most Sought After Laptop Features for Students

Laptop Features for StudentsLaptops are now an essential part of university life but choosing a laptop within your budget can be a challenge. How do you decide which features are worth paying more for and which you can do without? Laptops are essential for creating presentations, completing coursework, researching essay topics and keeping up with the latest university events on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Here are five of the most sought after laptop features for students.


The cheapest laptops are often heavy and bulky and these factors can take their toll when you are carrying it around from class to class. Paying a little more for a laptop can mean you invest in something that’s a little more lightweight and portable. As a student, you will need access to information at various locations and your laptop can help you with everything from writing essays and researching at home to studying in the library and taking notes in lectures. Your laptop is not the only thing you will be carrying on your commute to lectures and study groups and a bulky laptop alongside the added weight of text books and notebooks can make the commute arduous.

USB Ports

Multitasking is all part and parcel of being a student but this becomes impossible with only a couple of USB ports. Standard laptops come with two USB ports but opting for a model that boasts three or more can help you to get things done quicker. Paying a little extra will mean you can connect your laptop to your printer, camera and a CD drive at the same time.

Web Cam

Student life can be lonely especially if you have chosen a University that is far from family and friends. Calling your loved ones is one way to build up a huge bill but if you have a laptop with a built in web cam you can chat for free when you please.

Battery Life

You may think that most laptops are similar when it comes to features but when you look closer it becomes clear that each model is different. This is especially true when it comes to battery life. In order to sit through lectures and seminars without running out of battery, you will need to choose a laptop that offers at least five to six hours of battery life.

The Keyboard

When searching for a new laptop for university or college, the keyboard is one of the most important features to consider. As you will be doing a lot of typing, you will need to test out a number of different models to determine your favourite design. Some keyboards come with a touchpad and some have a bar that you can use to scroll and others have two buttons that allow you to right click. This is a matter of personal preference but it is worth testing each design out to find out which you prefer.

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