The Best And Highly Ranked Applications for iPhone 5 That Drive You Crazy

highly ranked Applications for iPhone 5Like Android and Blackberry have their app markets, but none of these can be compared to what iPhone app store offer. There is an endless list of top class iPhone apps. Whether you’re trying to make the best use of an iPhone you’ve been having or just got a new one, there is one thing that you’ll be addicted to using its endless list of applications. They are all wonderful and awesome and you can get yourself into quite a maze trying to figure out which ones for yourself to make life more easy and quick. There are thousands of built-in apps and one can also hunt these applications at Apple’s app store, consider that you don’t just fill your iPhone with all the available applications but there are few which drive a person crazy for a particular app and which are mostly in use. The Best iPhone 5 Applications are given below and these are also the top ranked apps of 2012:

5 Highly Ranked Applications For iPhone 5

Google Chrome

This application is mostly in use in today’s time. This is the thing which is available in almost all kinds of Smartphones which are based on new generation technology. This facility allows a person to use all kinds of Google products like Google Maps, you tube to watch videos of all kinds, manage his account or check mails and Google search for almost any topic from A to Z. This is the newest concept through which a person may connect to his world on the move. There includes one more facility which is Safari browser. This browser is an inbuilt app in all Apple’s iPhones. The very best thing about the in-built app is that if a person is below the age of 17 years, it is mandatory for him to use the safari browser instead of Chrome.

Temple Run

While working in office or working seriously on a project, if a person needs to take rest out of his busy schedule, the best way of relaxing would be to enjoy some games, one of them would be definitely Temple Run. This is gaming application has created a buzz in the iPhone word and is also tagged as the highly ranked application. This application can be downloaded from iTunes and once a person begins to play, he is totally lost in the World of gaming where you score higher figures by crossing different levels. Also there is a facility through which a person may post his high scores on Facebook or Twitter.

Lufthansa and United Airlines:

Another amazing application for Apple iPhone 5 is this. With the help of this application, a person can get his boarding passes and can also download it through while traveling through American or German airlines. This facility is only available on iPhone 5 that now uses the latest of the iOS versions iOS6. It is also possible for a person to get the boarding passes and all the news about his flight position. The coolest thing about this application is that the app can be accessible even if a person is not having an internet connection too.


iPhone 5 comes with all new features like 5 megapixel camera. Through this, it is possible for a person to get good and quality pictures. This camera facility is not available even in the iPhone 4S version too. Through its dynamic style and wide range of connectivity, it is easier for a person to get snapshots easily and a person can also send them on social networking websites or via Share Photo stream. Hence it is possible for friends and family members to share images as well as like or unlike that picture at the same time.


It is not possible for every person to send texts or operate smartphones with his fingers at times when he is busy during the office hours or attending some important conference. iPhone 5 is also with touch functionality enables people to take various advantages from it and one big advantage is using the Vlingo application. This fab app allows iPhone to respond at the voice command of a person. For example if a person wants to text to his friend, he has to speak the words and they will come on screen automatically. This application is available free of cost.

On the iTunes you will numbers of applications for your new iPhone 5 but among them, these are the best and also the top ranked applications for the year 2012.

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