Technology and Healing: Therapy Through the Advancement of Knowledge and Processing

With all of the bad rap that technology gets sometimes for being destructive (think weapons technology, or the incredible amount of computer mess that gets thrown in landfills), there are still aspects of forward motion in terms of processing and creative use of energy that can specifically be used for healing.light therapy

Five uses of technology to this end that you might want to explore include music therapy, light therapy, motivational therapy (in terms of mobile accessibility), keeping track of energy levels (there’s an app for that as well as new gizmos to cover your bases), and the idea of forming new theories and getting rid of the old ones as data becomes outdated.

Music Therapy

The idea of music therapy has been around probably for as long as music or therapy, but with new advances in technology, particularly in the realms of music production (therapeutic sounds) and audio output (awesome headphones, binaural and 3D sound potential), that particular industry is on a whole new level. It’s not just about playing back nostalgic tunes from your youth – now there are scientifically formulated ways to go and elicit certain reactions from your brain based on simple tone theory.

Light Therapy

Light therapy runs on a few different levels. First, there are the lights that have the same spectrum as the sun, which can be used to help treat people with SAD. And then there’s laser therapy for healing skin, hair follicles, sleep disorders, and you name it, there’s a way to use light to help out with your troubles. There may not be a whole lot of science surrounding some of these things yet, but there will be sooner or later as people experiment with causes and effects.

Motivational Paths

Technology can be a great motivator in terms of therapy as well! Automatic timers and reminders can make sure that appointments are adhered to, and that periodic sets of suggestions are always around (assuming you keep a mobile device with you). Whether you’re fighting an addiction or trying to remember when to get up and move achy bones, there’s going to be an app to help you out.

Keeping Track of Energy Levels

There are a few different types of energy levels to be concerned with. One is the self-identifying number. And the other is the chemical number. And they don’t always match, but the reference points are useful, and between the apps on your phone and the new mini-gadgets (for things like sugar level and heart rate), you can combine feelings and reading quite effectively.

Forming New Theories, Getting Rid of Old Ones

And when it comes to exploring new theories about therapy and getting rid of old ones, technology and it’s ability to collect and sort data is going to be the end all be all of ultimate filters. The more data we have, the more we’ll know about what techniques work.

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