Technological Advancements Support Graphic Branding

Online and print graphics are a necessary area of marketing. They drive a company’s brand into a consumer’s mind. They’ve done it well for years, and technology has improved the process. Advancements in technology have made printing, publishing, and distribution of graphic branding materials easier, better and more cost-effective.graphic branding

In Print

Recent technology has improved the printing process for magazines, brochures and catalogs. For businesses, this means advancement in the area of print marketing. Here’s just two examples of how printing has affected the creation and distribution of print media.

Look at a company like Boss Litho. It’s a commercial printing company that boasts higher quality and faster returns. For the last year, they’ve been doing this with the Diamond 3000R, a large press that can complete 13,000 sheets of paper per hour. The Diamond 3000R has impressed businesses and customers with it’s quick turnaround rate and efficiency. It kept Boss Litho going when many other printing companies were forced to downsize. It also kept customers satisfied as the business became a one-stop shop for printing needs.

Meanwhile, wide-format printing has gained attention these last few years. Some of this popularity comes from the different technologies that make it affordable. Roll-feed printers give companies a cheaper option for wide format printing. Flatbed printers offer more quality for a greater price. Hybrid printers come somewhere between these two for the median buyers. Each option provides businesses with large and striking graphics.

Online Graphics

The main benefit of online graphic branding is the distribution potential. Online, businesses have more opportunity to build their brand and make it last in the mind of the consumer.

Online graphics have staying power. Print products often get thrown in the trash or shoved in with junk mail and lost in a drawer. Online ads keep images as users search, scroll through pages and comment on social sites. At one point, the downside would have been the lack of mobility. People couldn’t carry it in their pocket, and show it to a friend. That downside is gone now that smartphones popularity has been growing at a remarkable rate. Online marketing experienced through smartphones have combined staying power with mobility.

Social media has also encouraged sharing on a massive scale. One person can share a graphic to hundreds of followers. Those hundreds could share it to hundreds more. That’s not assured of course, but sharing on a mass scale happens. The Internet is known for making things go viral. Being that next hit on the Internet is one goal of determined businesses.

Moving graphic branding online also reduces marketing costs. Well-organized and attention-grabbing ad campaigns can reach a wider audience with a smaller overall price tag.

There will always be costs, work and a little bit of stress associated with the creation and distribution of marketing materials. Thankfully, technology is helping businesses do it right with better printers, easier distribution and lower costs.

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