How Tech Is Working To Protect The Health Of You And Your Family

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way you’d hear about a vehicle recall was once the paperwork came to you in the mail, and if you weren’t the original owner of the vehicle you might not have even found out, save for having a knowledgeable mechanic mention it when you took your vehicle in for routine maintenance. The same, basically, went for food recalls. If you didn’t read the paper or watch the news, you may never know that the chicken in your freezer could be tainted with e coli.protect the health

However, in this new day and age of technology, there really is no excuse for people to miss out on this type of information. It’s readily at your fingertips, whether you have an app downloaded to send you recall alerts, or you’re getting your news from the plethora of social media sites that are continually popping up online.

Don’t think tech has a place in your life, or in your health? You could be thinking wrong. Here are a few ways you can use your tech devices, from your computer to your smartphone, to help keep your family safe and healthy.

Food Safety Alerts

Rather than risking your family when it comes to eating tainted foods in your kitchen, and needing to sue someone for illness that led to extended hospital stays or even death, why not look into an app that can alert you anytime there is a recall or food safety alert? You’ve heard a million times by now that “there is an app for that,” and there really is.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has a list of apps you can check when it comes to food safety, and they will allow you to sign up for automatic alerts, so you’ll no longer feel like you’re always the last one to know.

Checking Your Symptoms

Think you might have food poisoning, but not sure? You want an idea what might be wrong with you, before you head to the doctor’s office, in case it’s nothing and you want to save that cash you’d be spending on an office visit. So, what do you do?

The internet, and your smartphone and tablet app stores, offer an array of different symptom checker options. Most people have heard of WebMD, and have probably used their symptom checker, by they are not the only option. However, you want to remember that the internet is not a substitute for real medical care, and if there could be something seriously wrong with you, you should visit your doctor or an emergency room.

The internet and the apps on your smartphones have made it so that you can do so much more to stay healthy and keep your family safe. Why not use these great websites and apps to help you keep the food in your home healthy and keep down the frivolous visits to the doctor’s office.

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