The Tech Junkie’s Web Guide to Gadgets and New Toys You Can’t Live Without

Whether you are an entrepreneur, IT guru, career professional or just someone who likes to know and buy the latest and greatest technology tools on the market, doing research online can save you time and money. With so many new hardware and software products coming out monthly, it can be difficult for the die-hard tech junkie to keep pace. Tech Junkie’s Web Guide to Gadgets

Check out (and bookmark) some of the IOT’s most popular consumer technology review sites, to stay informed on the products you have, the products you need, and the tech you’re going to buy simply because it’s cool. We share our top ten recommendations.

  1. CNet

If you love gaming, apps and personal technology for the home or office, CNet breaks cutting edge reporting on what is new, and what you should add to your must-have list of innovative new products. The website enjoys an average of 70 million visitors monthly, making it the online authority in cool tech toys and gadgets.

CNet is also a reliable destination to download beta software, and be the first to try new applications provided by some of the tech industry’s leading players.

  1. Yahoo! Tech

The search engine may have taken a hit in terms of popularity compared to Google and Bing, but the technology section is thriving and has some of the best articles and reviews on tech toys for grown-ups and gamers. Rely on Yahoo! Tech to provide some objective reporting on mobile technology, and tips and tools to transform your space into a futuristic smart home. The site is ranked #2 by Compete and Quantcast, with an average of 25 million visitors monthly.

  1. Gizmodo

One of the best and most informative technology gadget sites on the internet, Gizmodo’s team of writers is usually one of the first media outlets to introduce new hardware or software for businesses and consumers. We recommend subscribing to the Gizmodo newsletter, because you won’t want to miss any of the articles if you want to stay informed.

Get the latest tech and gadget buzz delivered to your inbox, with some educated insights on functionality and affordability. Gizmodo receives an average of 18 million readers every month, making it one of the top authorities on technology and productivity tools, hardware and software reviews.

  1. The Verge

You will love the distinctly new age vibe of The Verge, if you are a professional within the technology industry. Not only do they review apps and gadgets, but they also share information about IT conferences, interviews with tech startups and incubators, and much more.

Readers will appreciate the candor and honesty of the reporting, including reporting of design flaws and user functionality fails, on products and software that don’t make the cut. The Verge gets an estimated 18 million visits per month from IT professionals and personnel technology fans.

  1. Toms Hardware

Don’t let the name fool you, this website is definitely not about power tools (in the traditional sense). Toms Hardware is a perfect destination for a hard-core gamer, providing reviews and release information for Xbox One, PlayStation and PC game releases. Not sure what monitor to buy, or what a next generation keyboard is? This site has all the details on PC and gaming hardware for tech aficionados. Check out the article section for the reviews, product release announcements and blog, and join 17.5 million readers that enjoy getting the down-low on all things hardware.

  1. WIRED

While many of the articles are available from the magazine on it’s website, we recommend subscribing to WIRED in hardcopy, to get the most out of the exceptional team of writers and contributors they have on staff. Check out the GEAR section of the website to get to product reviews and tips for entrepreneurs and career techies. Before you buy, check WIRED, an authority resource that receives more than 13 million visitors monthly.

  1. Engadget

The search tool to check reviews for consumer and business technology products is epic on Engadget. Click on the “Find a Product” section to read not only a comprehensive review, but full product photography of attachments included with each device.

From smartphones to home theater, digital cameras to gamer gear, bookmark this site as a resource whenever you are shopping for new productivity or personal technology tools. The website receives just over 12 million readers monthly.

  1. TechRepublic

This website is tailored more to the IOT professional, and leans heavily on internet security. But if making your home network secure from the neighbor next door is a priority, check out some of the software and hardware articles on TechRepublic.

Since many tech fans have a day job in the industry, check out the CXO career section for informative articles about advancement, growth and leadership specific to the technology and cyber-security industry. The site earns roughly 4.5 million visitors monthly.

  1. New Atlas

It looks something like a hobby blog when you arrive at the landing page, but don’t be fooled into thinking that New Atlas doesn’t deliver cutting edge reporting on software, hardware and mobile productivity tools. Head straight to the Technology section to see car, bike, smartphone, laptop, gaming and other news articles you’ll enjoy.

  1. Geek

Maybe it’s the name that has made it hard for this magazine and website to gain international readership, but we can tell you that it’s definitely not the writing. Geek provides a very informative technology section that industry insiders value, even though the website has an average of only 2 million visitors per month. From cool ISS Design challenges, to mobile devices, gaming and even automotive tech in new cars, we think you’ll love the articles.

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Life without the newest and most elite technology tools would be boring! Scope out new brands, software and personal technology, and be the first to try it out. Tech sites also enjoy feedback and comments, as well as customer reviews of new technology products. Share your intel with other power users, to help separate the winners from the losers in the ever-growing consumer tech sector. All tech toys are not created equal.

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