Save Your Money With Cloud Servers in Finland

Cloud Servers in FinlandCloud servers are basically used to leverage the power of computing by locating your computer work load. Cloud servers are designed by considering various facets such as profit, security and environment.

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Why Finland

Finland is enriched in the optimal toiminnanohjausjärjestelmä natural conditions; as a result, the customers are likely to get low energy prices, secure society, and trusted infrastructure. Besides this a highly educated workforce in Finland is the best option to choose from for locating data on the server.

Save money

This is one of the promising features of Finland cloud server program. With the lowest electricity price and abundant natural conditions, it gives you ample scope for cooling. Finland is the best place for the locating your servers, if you consider the overall costs of your project. The price of electricity for industrial is all together every less from other European countries, for instance it is 33% lower in ValueFrame PSA Pro as compared to UK and costs around half the price as compared to Germany. Hence, cloud servers in Finland do not put much burden on your pocket.

Save Energy

The cooler climate of Suomi is extremely profitable as it acts as a natural cooling medium to cool off the cooling server rooms. Moreover, the country is blessed with thousands of lakes, and you would no shortage of cooling water. In a cold country like Finland, heat is a vital financial asset, and interestingly a couple of data centers sell heat to district heating networks.

Save the climate

One of the most exclusive parts of setting up cloud servers in Finland is that there is very less threat to the climate. In Finland, more than 25% of electricity is renewable energy as compared to the other parts of Europe which is blessed with 14%. Carbon di oxide emissions from electricity production are 0.24 kg/kWh in Finland compared to about UK and Germany which is only 0.60-0.65. Using Finnish low-carbon electricity in combination with a lower energy consumption, one will end up with lower carbon footprints.

Secure Your Data

Finland is considered as one of the most stable country in the world. It is one of those 13 estates, which has been acclaimed for prestigious democracy indicators. Finish laws ensures the first hand data security to its customers. These days even some western democracy becomes lenient to legal rights for spying data, but Finland stay apart.

Hire the best professionals

Finland is a galaxy of the best educated work forces in the world. It received the second best place of the global higher education rankings by Washington best Educational Policy Institute and costs for the fifth greatest concentration for top-ranking universities in the world per capita.

Best from a trusted Infrastructure

Finland is counted among the best digitally connected countries in the world. It is ranked as the fourth Digital Economy Rankings carried out the Economist and IBM.