How To Record Your Screen As An Animated GIF

I am sure nowadays you often seen animated GIF in social media sites like Facebook. If you want to create and share an animated GIF of your own, this post is for you. Read the post thoroughly to learn how to record your screen as an animated GIF. And all you can do this just by using a simple tool.Record Your Screen As An Animated Gif

How To Record Your Screen as an Animated GIF

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to record your live desktop or your current screen as a GIF. Before proceeding, make sure your antivirus is up to date and working perfectly. Because you need to download certain software and some malicious objects may get downloaded along with the tool. Now lets come to the steps-

Step 1

You need to download a free software called LICEcap to record your screen as an animated GIF. Just Click Here to download LICEcap software for free from its official website. It’ll take few minutes to complete the downloading process. Save the setup file on your desktop.

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Step 2

Now double click on the setup or installer file to start the installation process. You need to follow the on screen instructions carefully to complete the process. Within one or two minutes the software will be successfully installed
on your computer.LICEcap-Gif-creator

Step 3

Now the software is ready to use. Click on the desktop icon of LICEcap to open the tool. Once it stats running you’ll see a big frame out on your screen. Everything that comes under the frame will be recorded. You can set up the frame easily by dragging up and down. Apart from that you can also set up the coordinates manually.

Step 4

To start recording, you need to click on the record option which is located right side down the frame. Once you do that a popup window will appear asking you to select the recorded file format. Choose GIF image among all of them. If you want you can also set the frame rate per second of the animated GIF.

That’s all. Now you can open the GIF image from the location you had setup earlier. I prefer desktop to save the recorded file as its easy to find later. Hope you find the process simple. Now you can easily record your screen as an animated GIF. If you face any difficulty just let us know through our comment form, we’ll get back to you within few hours. Thanks for reading.

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