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proposal softwareWith everything constantly changing around us, it is no wonder that technology has been working to solve so many past limits and issues in the business world. People can now work and communicate without stepping into the same room, let alone the same country; businesses have gone online and the choice of clients has grown significantly over the years. One thing that has always seemed to remain tedious and time-consuming, however, is proposal building in order to deliver the right quote to a client. Recent technology has made up for this though.

Sounds Great, Tell Me More

Quote Roller, proposal software created in 2011, saw a need within the business world. People were taking too much of their valuable work time and spending it on building one proposal after another. This is a rather important aspect of many businesses and so it seems only natural that there is something out there in the world of technology that can help speed it along and make the best of your efforts.

While in the past building a proposal would have taken hours or even days to really finish, with several frustrating steps to go through, an app like this can help eliminate many of the steps. It can help connect you to your clients and get even better feedback from them as well. The Quote Roller allows for quick feedback, both directly from the client and from the app itself as it records information pertaining to the client’s viewing experience. While a client can tell you what they do and don’t like, knowing just where in the document they particularly focused on can help with the editing process.

Time is of the essence in business, and you won’t want to waste it on back and forth correspondence that hardly gets you anywhere. With templates and better connection between the clients and business, it can be a lot easier to make a professional and perfect proposal in half the time or less. You hardly have to start from scratch either, thanks to information saving options that can allow you to keep certain data close at hand for similar quotes. Quote Roller has these kinds of features and more, all so that businesses can revolutionize the way they send out quotes.

In a Nutshell

Quote Roller has had quite a few satisfied customers since its creating in 2011. People from around the world have used it and have been surprised by how much time they have saved thanks to its features. Quote Roller uses a monthly fee system and has a trial option for two weeks. They charge per user and every plan includes unlimited proposals per month, though you won’t get as many of the useful features with a Basic plan in comparison to Professional. With Basic you can have E-signature, Statistics and iPhone support to help you work better on the go.

The Verdict

Quote Roller is one of those applications that the business world has been patiently waiting for over the years. It opens doors and makes building proposals much simpler than it ever was in the beginning.


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