Online Dating and Relationship Advice: The Digital Approach

This is a very strange time in the human history timeline to have to deal with the idea of dating. Every convention of the past has been thrown out the window, and much of the reason for that is because technology has become so pervasive when it comes to personal lives and relationships, that the rules have to be remade regularly to make any sense out of what’s expected, or more importantly, what works!Online Dating and Relationship AdviceSo if you’re looking for online dating and relationship advice from a digital perspective, the landscape is indeed in flex, but there are some consistent resources that you can head to for what might be considered ‘best practices.’ The following is a pretty solid list.

Web Blogs

Heading to web blogs on dating sites is probably going to be one of your first digital forays into the relationship realm. These blogs are typically written very casually, are listed at free sites (though some of them are attached to pay dating sites), and the more specifically you look for what you need, the better chance you have of finding what you want. Billions of people want to be connected in relationships, and web blogs are more than happy to provide intellectual fodder for inquiring minds.

Tinder-Style Apps

On your favorite gadgets, you can install tinder-style apps, where you flip through profiles, gives thumbs up, start conversations, find out who is in the area or who has similar interests, and then move on from there. Some of these dating apps are more for hookups, whereas others aim more toward people who want longer-term matches. But really, if you find the app that meets your need, success is going to be just around the corner.

Geo-Location Event Apps

And less a method for advice, and more a method for connection, is going to be something like geo-locator apps that work for people attending events. For instance, you can turn on certain apps that will ping everyone else in the area that has the same app on, and you can point toward each other using GPS. This is a unique way to find people interested in similar activities!

Finding Success Stories

If you search for successful internet matches on the internet when it comes to relationship, there are absolutely countless examples of people who put in the effort to represent themselves genuinely, and then are willing to write about it in the form of advice.

Finding Depth In Digital

There are a lot of argument that people say that finding relationships through online apps and the internet ends up being a shallow experience. And this can be true if you only search for surface things like appearance and basic hobbies. But the more detailed information is out there, and the further you learn to search the dating databases, the sooner you’ll find people to have a deeper connection with.