What Newbies Need to Know about Web Hosting

about web hostingWith these massive and diverse groups running websites which have different objectives, there have been millions of people who have experienced or are still going through a lot of troubles in the vast world of technology. That is why web hosting is also a booming industry in this day and age. At first, web hosting is something puzzling and intimidating and a lot of people do not quite understand what web hosting really is, the potentialities it has for them and how could it affect them.

Let’s get it started!

1.       Web hosting is like starting from scratch. Consider your website as your store which you intend to open.  And when opening a store or your own business, you need to come up with a good name, a suitable location, competent staff and appropriate products your store would be offering. If any of these important details has been overlooked, your store won’t function. And in web hosting these items are also relevant.

a.       Store’s name — domain name

b.      Suitable location — web server

c.       Competent staff — administrator or yourself who will maintain and update your site

d.      Appropriate products — relevant entries your viewers could see/buy/read on your website

2.       Set your expectations from your web hosting support

It is important that you know what to expect from your web host. Different web hosts offer different web supports like phone support, online chat selection, email system and various others. You have to understand that there are limitations to what your web host could offer to you.

Really important things to take note

1.       Domain name – Do not confuse yourself with what domain really mean. It is just the website address which you are already familiar with because of plenty of commercials and print ads flashing them to you. Domain names are something you associate with your business or store. That is why choosing your domain name is also good as choosing your store’s identity. Keep it short and as catchy as possible.

2.       Hosting accounts – This has also been termed as hosting plans. We can consider them as property-owner who can provide your space online or it’s like something which you rent a building from.

No Web hosts are exactly the same

There are lots of options to choose from. There are Wowza Hosting, Red5 hosting, and others. It is difficult to tell the exact web hosting companies offering services in the internet world and choosing among them is very risky because all of them claim about their outstanding speed, steadfastness and good service.  And most often than not these are something that are hard to distinguish from them. What you can do about this is to read reviews available or ask people you know which web host they would recommend and know which among your choices could offer excellent service. Expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best. The price is not always the indicator of a host’s potentials. Price is something which varies from one host to another. Some web host proposes a much lower price than the other while offering just the quality of service. This is what you need to remember, not because a company charges your more, its service will be better.