New Features Of iOS 8 For Your iPhone And iPad

Welcome back. Today I would like to share the new features of iOS 8 with our readers. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you must read this post to know about the all new features of Apple iOS.  new features of iOS 8


iOS comes with a new photo app. The new photo app comes with some new editing capabilities and can be operated with a simple thumb gesture with smart image analysis. It is easy to use, especially their equivalent to Photoshop’s Shadows and Highlights.


Yes, SIRI is again updated. Now SIRI can listen to you constantly. When you plug your iOS 8 device into your car, for example, you can directly say “Hey Siri” and it will be activated automatically, no need to touch the home button. SIRI is now integrated with Shazam and now it can recognize songs on the spot without opening that horrible app.

Family Sharing

Using this new feature, users can share all the music, books and movies with their family members. You can add up to six members shared with the same credit card.


Now users can mute particular conversations, which will be very convenient. You can even share your location on a conversation by conversation basis.

Now send audio and video messages using this new iMessages app. Like snapchat, messages delete automatically. But unlike SnapChat, you can select important messages not to destroy.


For the 1st time, Apple is re-designing their keyboard. The all new keyboard supports supports context-sensitive predictive typing, suggesting you a list of words to make your writing faster.

New notifications

Another smart move from Apple. It provides with a siple way to answer notifications without having to leave your app. You can even read the notifications without unlocking your phone.

Metal: New 3D engine for iOS

The new Metal graphics engine will offer ten times better performance than the previous 3D rendering engine.


Now it works between Macs and iOS devices. The new feature allows users to drop a file from Mac to iPhone or iPad via WiFi. I really love this new feature.