Who Needs Cash When You Have Technology

You no longer need to carry cash around with you anywhere you go, for the most part anyway. There are some businesses out there that still only take cash, but they are few and far between. Even many of the mom and pop shops that still exist have gotten card readers for their tablets or phones so that they can take credit cards.Who Needs Cash When You Have Technology

Even if you get a cash advance or a loan, you can get it directly deposited into your bank account, never needing to touch a check or cash. Here are some other ways that technology has made the need to carry cash (or even drive to the bank) almost obsolete.

Online And Mobile Banking

 When it comes to banking you can check your checking and savings accounts on your phone and on your computer. You can even download an app for your bank or credit card on your smartphone. For many banks these apps will let you take a photo of a check to deposit it, so you don’t even need to go to the bank to deposit it.

You may find this ability to check your account from anywhere very handy. It allows you to catch errors and fraud much faster. And it lets you be in control of your account even when you’re not local and nowhere near a branch!

 Automatic Bill Payment

 You can save money paying your bills online, and time. You no longer need to buy checks and you can help make the world a greener place by saving trees. Sign up to do eco billing any time it is an option, and set up automatic bill payment so you never have to miss a bill payment again.

If you sign up with all of your utilities and credit cards online, you can easily check balances and your usage of these things. That can be a good way to help you cut down on electricity usage or maybe stop using a credit card that has too high of an interest rate.

 Online Payment Services

 Paypal isn’t your only option when it comes to online payment services, even if it’s the most popular. Some crowdfunding sites use other sources, like Wepay. If you work online at all, though, Paypal is often going to be the way you get money.

Paypal works with eBay and other sites too. So not only can you get money, but you can spend it. Paypal also has a debit card you can get for instant access anywhere. This means you don’t even need to transfer it to your bank account to spend it at your favorite brick and mortar shop.

All of these options make traveling safer as well. When your wallet or purse gets stolen it’s easy to hop online and cancel credit cards, but cash, you’ll never see again.

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