List Of Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

Are you looking Mac Keyboard shortcuts? If yes, your search ends here. Generally keyboard shortcuts are used to save precious time of Mac users. If you want to work faster and more efficiently on Macintosh Operating System, you should remember all the shortcuts mentioned below. All these Mac Keyboard shortcuts are essential for bloggers, small business owners and for those who use their laptops heavily.Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Each And Every Mac User Should Know

Shift (⇧): Start Macbook in safe mode.

Command (⌘) + R:     Start up from MacOS Recovery.

Command + S:     Start up in single-user mode.

Command + C:    Copy the selected item to the clipboard.

Command + X:    Cuts or removes the selected item and place it on clipboard.

Command + V:    Paste the contents of the clipboard to the current folder or document.

Command + Z:    Undo the previous command.

Command + Shift + Z: Redo means reversing the undo command.

command + A: Select all the items. Especially useful to cut or copy large amounts of texts.

command + Q: Quits the application.

Command + F: Find items in a document.

command + W: Closes the front window in the current application.

command + M: Minimize the front window to the Dock.

command + shift + 3: Takes a screenshot of your entire monitor.

command + shift + 4: Takes a screenshot of a specific area on the screen. Press spacebar afterwards to get a PNG file with transparent window.

Command + P:     Print the current document.

Command + O: Open the selected item.

command + tab: This shortcut is Used to navigate between open applications.

Shift + Command + I:    Open iCloud Drive.

Shift + Command + H:     Open the Home folder of the current MacOS user account.

Option + Command + Esc: Force quit an app.

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