iPad Air 3 vs iPad Air 2

Since inception, Apple iPad Air has been a much buzzed device, and it got even better with the arrival of its next edition, the iPad Air 2. Especially, it turned out to be a lot better performer through its A8 processor mated with 2 GB RAM. You don’t miss the charm at any cost. So the manufacturer is all set to bring the next device in the line-up, and believing the initial round-up of the news it seems to be like a smashing hit.iPad Air 3 vs iPad Air 2 Coming to the display, the iPad 7, or the Apple iPad Air 3 will be coming with a 7 inches display with 4k resolution, in comparison with 2,048 x 1536 pixels display of its elder brother. There was Touch ID with iPad 6, but this time it will be even more enhanced. We have already mentioned the iPad Air getting powered by A8X processor makes many chances apparent for the next generation to carry even better chipset, and this time it is said to be rotating at even more 2 GHz processor and mated with more efficient 3 GB RAM.

Connectivity, Storage, and Cameras:

Talking of the connectivity, the product is expected to be having 4G capacity in comparison with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. In terms of snapper, the product reportedly packs a 10 MP option at the main end, and there will be an 8 MP front facing option available for better selfie experience

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No need to worry about your favourite stuffs as iPad 7, offers 128 GB native memory option, and it will be too obvious to mention that it’s going to be a water and dust resistive device.

Probable price for iPad Air 3

It’s like inviting disappointment, or being too greedy if you look for Cupertino devices at a cheaper price. Being specific, iPad Air 2 was a high-end device and naturally carries a high-end tag of$ 1008.9 for its 128 GB edition. Needless to say that iPad7 or the iPad Air 3 will be comparatively of higher price tag.

Expected Release Date:

Here we come up with the most baffling part in the compilation; in fact the same is applied for any pre-release discussion of a device. Looking at the conventional trend of iPad release, we can only guess it during October-November of 2015. If someone claims for any prior release possibilities of the device, then accept him/her, but with a pinch of salt. The only possibility for this to occur is if any other product’s release coincide the period, or if Cupertino changes its business plan, which holds maximum possibilities.

In Conclusion:

You have come across with all details given by us. Now, there remains no doubt that the iPad Air 3, or the iPad 7 is a premium device. In almost all aspects starting from the Touch ID, to performance, the product exceeds its elder brother. In short, the initial round up of rumours regarding the iPad Air 3 has brought smiles among fans. Still, it’s a long while to go for the product’s release. All we can say; hope for the best fans.