Investing In Tech To Get You Through College

Long gone are the days when you could get through college with a spiral notebook and some pens. Now you need recording devices for lectures and laptops, notebook computers, or a fancy tablet in order to keep track of all of the things that you learn. Even if you aren’t attending classes online you’re probably getting your syllabus and signing up for classes via the internet.

Don’t forget to invest in a good case for your laptop too, since you’ll be lugging it along with books from class to class and lecture to lecture. You want to protect it so it lasts through your college career. Computers still aren’t super cheap, and especially not so much on a college student’s budget.

The Best Laptops And Notebooks

Take some time to do research on the best computer to get to use for college. You want something that can handle your college load of work, especially if you do have any courses that are strictly online. You need memory, you may need the ability to use Microsoft Word, and you want to have a good internet connection too.

You may be able to get a 2-in-1 that doubles as a tablet. However, just a cheap tablet may not be enough to handle the college life. You also want to consider whether or not you are in need of a CD-Rom on your laptop device.

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Having A Smartphone That Works For You

If you don’t have a good service provider for your smartphone you might find that when you’re at college it doesn’t work for you, or maybe when you’re back home it doesn’t. Do some research to find a provider that covers the areas you go to school in and visit on a regular basis.

You may also want to get a phone that has a good recording system on it. This could save you from needing to invest in a separate recorder for taping lectures. Taping lectures is much easier and more effective than note taking, so this is an important investment.

Entertainment In The Dormroom

You’re not going to spend all of your college time in class, and you won’t always be working on homework or studying. There may be times when you can relax and you might want some entertainment to keep you busy during these times. Your laptop can double as a stereo if you have a good Bluetooth speaker and a streaming service like Spotify.

If you’re a big movie fan or don’t want to miss your favorite TV shows, try getting Chromecast, Roku, or a smart TV. You don’t have to have a TV to watch streaming television. You can watch on your tablet or laptop with Hulu, Amazon Prime, or even Netflix.

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