How to Protect Your Customers Data

As more companies collect data about their customers, the simpler it gets for cybercriminals to steal it and cause havoc. You have a moral duty to take whatever steps you can to protect your customer’s data. Failure to do so could cause you to lose sales and get you into trouble with the authorities. There are large companies facing numerous court cases and government investigations because they have experienced a data breach and you need to try and prevent this from happening to your business.Protect Your Customers Data

Don’t Collect More Data Than You Need

There is no point in collecting data just for the sake of it. The fact it might be useful one day is an expensive myth. The more data you have to look after, the more it will cost you to protect it and the harder your database will have to work. It also means that you are more like to be attacked by hackers, as the more you retain, the easier it is to get into. Just collecting the data that you need when you need it is the safest way.

Use ID Verification

When people are online, it is simple for them to say they are someone they are not, and ID verification can reduce the risk of this happening. If a hacker can get in this way they will. They are not usually technical geniuses; they’re just people who use whatever tricks they can to get information about customers.

If you take a look at Cognito HQ, they offer a full identity verification service that begins with just a phone number. This service will help to reduce the risk of fraud and can help to increase conversion rates when users feel their data is safe. Prevent fraudsters from using your business by ensuring that the data they provide coincides with the identity used with their phone number. This is something that can be integrated into your systems within a matter of days.

Educate Your Employees

It only takes one member of your workforce to click on the link in a phishing email for cybercriminals to gain access to your database. Most hackers gain access because of human errors and not because of technology. You need to educate your employees to never open any email that is not from a trusted source, and only then if it is not asking for any sensitive information.

It is also not a bad idea to let your customers know how to stay secure and that you will never request sensitive information from them by email. Even if just a few customers heed your advice, it will reduce the risk of a data breach for your company.

Be Aware of New Employees, Leavers, and Contractors

As many as 40% of data breaches happen from within a company, either by new employees having too much access, leavers trying to take revenge or contractors who are there short-term and think they can get away with your data. Be very aware of who has access to sensitive information and keep a special eye on new employees, leavers, and contractors.

Keeping your data secure is vital for the well-being of your company as if someone steals your data, the consequences can be catastrophic.