How To Choose The Best Salesforce Tutorial For Beginners

Knowing how to find your way in Salesforce can secure you a very nice job in the sales department of a big company. Many businesses use this CRM system to keep tabs on their contacts and potential customers. This is why, if you can add this skill in your resume, you can increase your chances of getting a job as a sales representative or team leader.You can take the first step with a good Salesforce tutorial for beginners and by following it step by step until you get to master the main features of the software. There are lots of excellent resources you can learn from. However, you need to be a fast learner, because you can only use the trial version of the software to practice your newly acquired skills.Best Salesforce TutorialIf you are new to CRM programs, it’s best to start with the basics. You need to learn how to create accounts and contacts and which is the difference between them. You also need to figure out how to manage these records once you’ve created them. For instance, you should be able to merge two or more duplicate contacts or accounts, as this is a situation that occurs quite frequently in any type of sales organization.

Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners Benefits

Reporting is another important part any good Salesforce tutorial for beginners should cover. You have to become an expert in creating all types of customizable reports and standard dashboards. Dashboards are very important, as they enable the visual representation of specific data sets. Many sales directors and managers are going to be happy to see you know how to produce this kind of reports, so pay special attention to this chapter of your training.

Additionally, you could use some knowledge about the Outlook Side Panel and sync, as well as about case management. All these are covered in online tutorials and videos you can find on the Salesforce official website or on other video sharing websites.

After you’ve become familiar with the basics, you could try some more advanced features, as they are also going to be useful, should you get a job in sales. You need to learn how to create and manage campaigns, customizable dashboards and collaborative forecasts. You also need to know how to assign roles and permissions to various users. The AppExchange integration is also going to be helpful in your work.

If you can’t manage to master all this volume of information within such a short time, you are still going to become familiar with the program. If you get an interview for a job, you can safely say you know the basics of Salesforce. However, you shouldn’t lie to your interviewer. Be honest, tell them how you’ve got to acquire this knowledge and promise you are willing to improve with a Salesforce tutorial for beginners and learn even more skills, until you become a professional in doing various tasks inside this system. You may get the job, as many employers value honesty and the willingness to learn above all.