How to Burn iPhoto Slideshow to DVD?

iPhoto slideshow to DVDThere can be plenty of ways for which you might need to make the iPhoto Slideshow to DVD.  It can be the need of a student for making some project, gathering the childhood memories and compiling them into a nice slide show or any other person reason. To find more and learn answers to these questions, read here:

There is no doubt in the fact that every Mac user loves using iPhoto to make a nice photo slideshow.  If you want to create an iPhoto slideshow to DVD but you don’t know the exact way to do so then don’t worry there are plenty of ways through which you can do so easily.  You can easily covert your iPhoto slideshow into DVD by using iDVD.  That is the most popular way of conversion.  However, many people say that plenty of problems come while doing so.  They either lose the background music of the slideshow or the slideshow either goes out of sync.

An easy way of doing burning the videos or slideshows on DVD is to select the photos or video clips you want to burn and then choose share and then Burn. After this, insert an empty CD into your drive. The disc information will appear below the viewing area of the iPhoto.  The green area on the disc shows the amount of space that your photos will need.  You can name the disc in the name field.  After this, click on the Burn button and then the burning will begin.  It will take some time to burn but if you want to cancel then you can stop it too. But if you have used the CD-R disc then the CD will become useless.

If you find this process problematic or there are some special requirements that you can include in the slideshow, then you can use the Aimersoft DVD Creator for Mac.  It is the best ever software that can let you easily burn videos onto DVDs in formats like FLV, MOV, MP4, WMV, MKV etc.

The software requires following simple steps.  A list of the instructions is as follows:

  • First of all download Aimersoft DVD Creator for Mac and install it.
  • Next comes adding iPhoto slideshow video.   You can do so in two ways.  Either drag and drop the files or click the “+” button for selecting and loading videos.  After this, import slideshow video to the desired program.
  • This step is optional. It is required if you want to do any editing. Click on the Menu button on the lower right bottom and then select any template you like. If you do not like the template that has been applied, select the No Menu.
  • Last but not the least, click on the Burn button.  Insert the empty DVD into your system, select DVD Disc, and then click on the Save Button.  This will start the conversion.

Once you have burnt the iPhoto slideshow to DVD you can play and enjoy watching it.  You can create wedding photo slideshow, childhood photo slideshow or even a graduation photo slideshow.