How Call Tracking Helps Franchises Drive Growth

Franchises, the name itself clears the chain of certain business. You can easily find the chains of business in the FMCG, retail, hotel, etc. business running successfully.Call Tracking Helps Franchises Drive Growth

Recently, one of my friends started a food café and received three franchises offers within a month and two already opened. And now he is scaling it with the help of pay per call campaign and some pay per call tracking software.

In this post, we are going to talk about how these call tracking can help grow this franchises business at it’s best. One thing you should note is, in the franchise’s business, you don’t have to spend anything being the brand. All you will give is the brand name and initial training and rest will be taken care of by the people who are looking to open your franchises. And in response to the brand name, you will good money.

#1 Understand how marketing channels drive the calls

Considering the fact that one out of every 12 business is a Franchises business in the USA and the same almost applies to the other part of the world as well, we must understand the channel for marketing. Usually, what happens the Franchises will have all the resources except the technology stuff. So, you being the base brand need to ensure that they are understanding the importance of the inbound call tracking.

#2 Create Franchises based reporting

You must evaluate the Franchises at each and every check nodes.

Usually, each Franchises is given a monthly and quarterly target in terms of sales, and customer satisfaction and if someone is not following it, either they will be fines or need to close the Franchises store. For this, you need to go ahead with any BI reporting tool which will help you create the detailed report based on the Franchises and their daily operation. Such report will enable you to analyze the data easily and make a quick decision.

#3 Use ML and AI to optimize the calls

Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence are one of the trending technology these days which help you make the business better. Using AI, you can leverage the technique to identify which particular inbound call will convert or not. When the system will tell you that the call is going to convert, you can put some extra effort. If you are not much technical, you can look for data science online training and make your recommendation system better.

#4 Enable the customer satisfaction system

After sales service is something no business can ignore. And so, being the base brand, you can’t ignore how your Franchises is serving the customer.

You can make some analysis system using which you can estimate the rating and feedback system. For this, you can use some survey tool and send all your customer. And then analyze the response and rating given by the customers. This will help you make the further plans and strategies.


These were the four steps using which you can drive the Franchises business growth. You must ensure the Franchises is working well and maintaining the brand reputation.