Hide ALL IP Review: When Your Anonymity is Everything

With the increasing popularity of internet, the popularity of VPN is also increasing day by day. If you are a regular internet user and very much concerned about online privacy, a VPN is must of you. It works as a firewall when you are online. A firewall protects your data on your computer and a VPN protect it online. A good VPN secure your connection, keep everything encrypted, and to protect your activity from prying eyes.

There are tons of VPN service providers are there in the market. Some of them are even free too. But the problem is that most of the free VPN don’t encrypt your connection at all. That’s why we prefer paid VPN service over free one.Hide All IP ReviewVisit Hide All IPOn the other hand the servers provided by paid VPN are well encrypted and all the internet traffic routes through them. The remote servers receive your fake IP address that makes your browsing complete safer.

If you browse internet without using a VPN then any moment hackers may gain access to your system by breaking the firewall safety and worsen the system health. Your private information may be leaked on the internet as well. You might be amazed to know that your ISP is possibly spying at your browsing sessions 24X7.

To get rid of all those problems you need a good VPN for your everyday use. Not only that you can even Stop Malware and Viruses with VPN software, and browse sites banned by your government.

There might be few questions in your head and we have listed them below with solutions to it.

How to Find The best VPN For Your Everyday Use?

As we mentioned above tons of VPN service providers are there in the market , but only a selected VPN’s can be trusted for their services. If you are looking for a cheap, trusted and premium VPN provider then Hide ALL IP VPN is for you. In this post we will try to explore the most crucial features of this VPN in our Hide All IP review.

Why should one use Hide All IP VPN?

Hide ALL IP is one of the oldest, genuine and trusted VPNs to hides your web habits from everyone and at that same time, make your browsing sessions completely anonymous on the internet. It acts as a shield to hide your original IP against the web snoopers. Your identity is totally protected and a random IP is provided to you which is the IP of Hide All IP’s server. It is fast and comes with a very user friendly interface.

Key Features of Hide All IP VPN

Hide All IP has an exclusive range of features-

Dynamic IP Address

Just click on ‘Connect’ button and within a moment one randomly assigned public IP address will be provided to you. Your original IP address will be protected. The random IP address is created immediately.

Now no one can gain access to your system, as he/she will be able to see the fake IP address only. This fake IP is dynamic in nature which is adjusted automatically or manually. It reduces the risks of hacking or any other fraud to zero percent.

Change your Location

Another best thing about Hide All IP is that it has servers in various places and countries. And you can connect to the server of your choice. The list of server locations will be shared to you. You just need to click on the ‘Connect’ button alongside different places. Your IP gets converted to the chosen location’s IP within a moment.

Access Restricted TV Content

Yes, you heard it right. You will be able to watch restricted TV channels banned by your government using this VPN.

All Apps & Games Supported

This premium VPN service provider supports all web browsers, messaging applications, instant video players, games, and many other things.

No Logs Policy

It takes your anonymity pretty seriously and has a No Logs Policy. Basically, this policy prevents the VPN from storing your browsing data. Means you are totally safe.

Supports UDP Based Applications

TCP based apps along with the UDP based apps & games are also supported by this VPN.Not only that it also supports the UDP player applications.

Torrent Support

Hide All IP also helps you when you download content from torrent sites. Most of the countries has put banned on torrent sites. So, you will be in troubles if your IP is leaked in public.  This VPN will prevent your IP from leaking onto Torrent sites.


The VPN client of Hide All IP is totally portable. You can even use it on CD, USB drive or can simply install it on your desktop.

Hide Windows 8/8.1/10 Metro Based Applications IP

Windows 8/8.1/10 metro applications IP address can be hidden using this VPN. It supports Microsoft Edge Browser and the Enhanced Protected Mode on Internet Explorer.

Safe Browsing Technology

This VPN includes a safe browsing technology ensures that all the cookies stored by your browser are cleared after your browsing session is terminated.


Now it’s time to have a look at its price. For purchasing this ultimate VPN, you will need to make a cheap payment of $29 to opt for the uninterrupted services from Hide All IP VPN for a full year. Once you finished the payment procedure, a unique key will be provided to you. To examine the services first before purchasing, you can download the tool and use it for free for 3 days.Buy Now $29Conclusion

Well in our research we find that it is one of the best, cheapest and affordable VPN services available on the web. If you want to stay completely unknown while scanning web all day long, Hide All IP is  for you. Access the restrained websites with unknown identity and stay guarded against the various cyber threats.


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