How to Get Yourself Moving Again After a Knock Back

Refusal, rejection, or rather Knock Back does affect every one of us at some point of time and can be really very painful. It can be anything from getting an upsetting comment from someone or failure in something huge you tried launching through your blog which did not get any response from anyone. Sometimes it can make you strong but most of the times it breaks you. Your self-confidence takes the rocking bottom. You kind of feel that the efforts in the form of hard work you have put in, was nothing but waste of time. But let me tell you the first thing you should do while going through this state of mind is, to relax give it some time and get yourself kicked back into building your blog once again.Get Yourself Moving

Erase the frustration

It is really frustrating when you get knocked back for something you felt was going to work but it didn’t. To recover from this blow, for instant relief, do what your heart says, I mean you like to scream, scream out loud. You want to cry your heart out, just do it. As this actually helps in getting your brain cooled down a bit and getting the frustration level into some check.

Relax by taking a break

It gets really difficult in handling rejections. Failures are part of life. Hence, the best solution to this phase would be to get yourself a break from your work, and spend some quality time with your family and friends. I tell you this is a great stress buster, talk your heart out, gossip or simply catch a movie, trust me it will help. As sometimes you have to remind yourself that there is more things to do other than just work.

Get back to work like a clean slate

Before resuming the work pick yourself up and keep your mind absolutely clean and start with a lot of positivity. You can do a bit of a self questioning session, this is really fun as you will get the answers as why you got knocked back? Start with a new assignment, but start with a small one as you need to settle down after the big set back. Take some baby steps before something big as all small things lead to some big achievement.

Talk to a trusted buddy, an honest critic

This is a great way of getting your self-confidence back. Simply show your work to a friend or a buddy who understands you and your work and get their valuable comments. Their honest opinion acts a booster as it helps in moving forward on your goals. Act as a sport and treat their opinion as constructive criticism in improving your blog. They will act as the mirror and you will mostly be able to clear your doubts and will regain your self-confidence.

Set the goals for future

Make yourself understand that not every day is perfect and not every blog you write can earn all the accolades. Hence, getting negativity against a particular blog, which is very special to you, is not the end of world. Take this Knock back like a lesson and move on. Good times and bad times all are temporary phases. Set the goals for the future that sometimes you are going to be a hero and sometimes not, and that should not stop your journey in the blogging world. You never know when a setback can make you bounce back for something which will be a huge hit for your career.