Sharepoint Bulk File Management with One Web Part

Virto Bulk File Download web part allows you to download and unpack zip files in just a few clicks and save them onto SharePoint Document library. With Virto Bulk File Download web part, you can unpack multiple zip files at the same time. The structures of the files and folders in the zip file remains the same after unpacking. The following are four benefits of Virto Bulk File Download web part.Virto Bulk File Download Web Part

  1. Easy to Use

Virto Bulk File Download web part isan easy to use web part that can work in all versions of SharePoint including 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. After installation, it will appear in the Actions menu. It can be used as an action or a web part in SharePoint Library. It supports all major browsers including IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Chrome.

  1. Unpacking Files

Virto Bulk File Download web part will overwrite the existing zip file during unpacking. There is the option of not deleting the original zip file after unpacking. After the files have been extracted, it is safe to delete the original archive zip file to save space. Itcan be used to unpack zip archives protected with password. It gives you the ability to set limit for the size of the archive in the settings.

  1. Bulk Files Download

You can download large files bigger than 2GB from SharePoint document library to a local hard drive into a zip format. To download bulk files, check the check boxes of the files in the library that you want to download and choose Bulk Download from the drop down menu. You canset the maximum file download size by going to general settings and unchecking following web settings.

In the maximum file size field, you can enter the maximum file size limit in MB. If the file download size exceeds the defined limit, you will see a pop up system message. Another option under the Bulk Download drop down menu is the download option which allows you to download one file at a time at a faster speed. You can enter a unique name for each archive that you save in zip format. Get more details at

  1. Offers Several Views for Files

Virto Bulk File Download web part candisplay files in various views including tree view, filter view, fast search, taxonomy picker. Tree views allows you to select files to download from sub folders. Filter view allows you to use filter parameters to search for the files. Fast search is not enabled by default and you have to configure it first prior to using it. To configure fast search, you must click on the Edit Web Part and check the Enable Fast Search check box. You can set the filters that you want to use in fast search view to perform the search. Taxonomy picker view allows you to search the files that you want to download by specifying the meta data. If it is a picture file, you have the option of viewing them in thumbnails.


Virto Bulk File Download web part can help you to save a lot of time in downloading the files one by one from the Document Library. It can convert multiple files into a zip archive in as fast as 5 seconds. Zipped files makes it convenient for you to send files to your friends by email or store them on your computer.


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