Five Best Free iPod Applications 2012

best free ipod applicationsOften when you are using Apple products, you have seen that they have a unique tendency to understand their customers more diligently. This is the reason whenever Apple launches new gadget it is laced with functions and possibilities that surpass their previous version providing greater flexibility to their customers. Certain of their credibility iPod are a gadget that has earned its marketplace due to the varied functionality it offers to users. However, iPod users are always looking out for the best applications to improve the performance of their gadget. Here in this article we are going to discuss five best free iPod applications that really enticed the performance of this gadget and eventually provided better experiences to their customers.


If you are already having Netflix subscriptions then this free application is just right for you. Considering the fact that many iPod users usually use this gadget for entertainment purposes this is must have application for such users. Using this application that works using Wi-Fi network you will automatically gain access to your Netflix account and will be surprised to witness the tremendous speed with which movies are streamed. In addition due to great picture quality provided by iPod instances will be rare that you have any disturbances to stay entertained.


Although there are array of application to transfer content from one gadget to another, Dropbox favored most because of its simplicity and use friendly approach. With this free application you can get free access to the files on your computer once you dump and sync them in separate Dropbox folder on your computer. The best part is you can even download them on your iPod for offline viewing.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Well, in this internet world dominated by social networking sites it is always your concern to share your best moments with your family and friends by quick uploading the pictures. With this free application you are able to edit these pictures quickly with touch interface and share them instantly. The best part of this application is you can access your image and video library without actually using iPod storage space.

Fast Keyboard

Often when you are using gadgets with touch interface it becomes difficult to type speedily using the provided keyboard. However using this free application you get easy access to separate rows for numbers, symbols, words and sentences increasing your speed and typo experience.


If you are really interested in reading books then this application powered by Amazon is just right for your iPod. With your Wi-Fi connection you can download or buy all of your favorite Kindle books. In addition you also have ability to sync the current pages, notes and bookmarks over the different applications and devices. As you are aware Amazon provides free download of an array of classic books as well many are available to download freely via online sources like Project Gutenberg.


As 2013 has arrived surely there will be interesting free applications lined up for your iPod. However, looking at back at the past year or if you have just purchased the iPod then you should have these five best iPod applications to enhance the performance of your gadget. Although there are thousands of free applications these are some applications that you must have to stay updated and entertained for the coming year.