Factors Contributing To An Increase in Online Movie Tickets Sales

Nowadays, it is very easy for anyone to go online and use mobile apps to purchase any type of ticket. Be it concert tickets, theatre tickets, movie tickets or any festival tickets. Websites such as StubHub and TicketMaster are examples of websites selling these tickets. In short, anything that requires an admission and has a ticket can be purchased online. It is the latest trend that movie cinema retailers have caught up on which allows many fans to book tickets to their favourite movie in advance. While there are many cinema retail chains that already have strong network connections and infrastructure to support their websites to sell movie tickets online, they are still many cinema circuits around the world that do not have online sales facilities.An Increase in Online Movie Tickets Sales

Our society today is a society of convenience. With technology continuing to decrease the time it takes to complete certain task, it is arguable that we have increased our efficiency by having all of these tools available at our disposal. We continue to have access to the world through our fingertips and cinema retailers around the world are using that to sell movie tickets online.

The Prospect Of Online Movie Tickets

When a hit movie comes out during a weekend, there are many disgruntled moviegoers who re unhappy that they were able to get their hands on a movie ticket online. Many fans are willing to wait for the right moment to purchase their movie tickets online in fact, there are fans that already have everything prepared on the mobile app to get their hands on the movie ticket first. Because of the rampant demand especially for high grossing movies, many online ticketing solutions were unable to keep up with the demands when they are trying to sell the movie tickets online. Therefore, there are cinema retailers that sell the tickets in batches to avoid anyone from missing out on the chance to purchase their movie tickets online.

To avoid one person taking up too much tickets, there are cinema retailers that sell movie tickets online which limits the purchase of movie tickets to only one or two per person. Every year, the number of movies increases and so does movie tickets online. The box office continues to grow over year and online cinema retailers that are using mobile apps to sell movie tickets online have seen a dramatic increase over the year. Many other physical ticketing outlets have also reported similar success stories.

How do we account for these emerging trends in selling movie tickets online? There are several factors that transform the way that we buy movie tickets.

  1. Mobile Ticketing

This element changes the way of selling movie tickets online. It provides moviegoers a virtual solution that allows them to purchase movie tickets online on the go. This means that consumers are able to purchase the movie tickets online. They can even purchase them on the way to the cinema using their mobile devices or even use Siri to order the movie tickets online. The Internet has provided many tools that revolutionised the way consumers purchase things online and that includes an exponential growth in the sales of movie tickets online.

Another tool which utilises mobile in selling movie ticket is the self check-in feature. Theatres will no longer have to purchase scanning hardware or devices when they’re trying to check for movie tickets. Today, moviegoers can purchase their movie tickets and do not have to show it at the counter because they have a unique ticket image in their phone. In order to get into the theatre, they simply have too swipe their phone on a tool provided by the cinema retailers and they will be able to gain entry immediately.

  1. Increased Theatre Amenities

The cinema retailers have done a terrific job in catering to customer needs and enhancing the moviegoing experience. This has significantly increased the amount of sales for movie tickets both online and offline. You name it, there are plenty of amenities that cinema retailers are providing for moviegoers which encourages them to purchase movie tickets. There are deluxe accommodations, more choices for seating, giant screens and even dine-in options that makes people feel like they want to purchase movie tickets more often because of the good services that the cinema retailers are providing.

Satisfied customers have more reasons to purchase their tickets in advance and this is made possible by cinema retailers that sell movie tickets online. By allowing consumers to purchase their seats ahead of showtime using mobile apps which sells movie tickets, it has increased the amount of purchases for these cinema movie retailers. Reserved seatings have increased over the years because of online movie tickets and it is expected that it will double in the next few years.

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