Drastic Changes in the Current Era Music

Changes in the Current Era MusicWhen you listen to songs of era 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, the lyrics and composition was sound different from the current era music. Earlier, technical enhancements were not much, so musicians and singers were unable to do lots of experiments. They used to sing loud and clear so that people can get them clearly. Musicians were not able to add twists in the music because of the same reason. But in the current time, there are lots of technical enhancements and facilities are available which can be used to make a different kind of music.

Young bucks love listen to this music, but old age people say it’s a noise pollution only. Most of the music virtuoso, who loves golden songs avoid nowadays’ songs and music. They like music which is soft and not ear breaking sound. However the young generation is fond of this kind of music, but they also love listening olden melodies.

You can’t compare musicians of that golden era with the young generation’s singers, because those days were something else and today’s composers are different, their choices are different. But still there are some of popular names which are loved by many youngsters.

Sir Elton John

A well known personality in the world, still he is one of the greatest in the music business. A lot has been said about him, but the fact is his baritone voice loved by people for more than three decades. You can imagine his popularity with this that he sang the song ‘candle in the wind’ at the funeral of Princess Diana. And still people of all ages love listening to his songs that is another testament of his greatness.


From the day, she has entered in the industry, become favorite of many. Though she has been in several controversies but she is popular because of her songs and skimpy clothes. Her powerful performance and true sense of the words make her popular among her fans. There is no doubt that she was more into controversies but she is a true artist. In the 80’s she was the style icon and her albums were on top of chart lists. Still you can find uncountable fans of Madonna in across the world.

Johnny Cash

Still in the current time he is popular among people. He is one of the gods of country music. His table topping and ballads songs make him famous. Though he was addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc, and faced several problems in life but still he is a legend.

These are just three, if you start looking for legends you will find several names, which still lives in people’s heart and eyes. They are legends and will be for decades. There is no doubt that as technology will change, you will see changes in music as well. But you can’t deny the fact that people got legendry artists in every era and will get in future as well, and you can’t compare them with anyone else.