Dirt Bike Exhaust Packing 101

Your exhaust packing does more than just save your ears, although it definitely does that because it’s easy to hear when that packing is blown and needs to be changed out. The problem with waiting that long is you lose performance due to packing breakdown well before the roar from your exhaust starts to make your head hurt. Replacing your packing on time with quality materials means improving your low end torque and doing more in each competition because of your ability to dig deep into it.

When To Replace Your Dirt Bike Packing

The general recommendation is about every 20 hours for the average rider, with the average rider being someone who handles intermediate challenges. If you ride casually and more for the riding experience than the challenge of the terrain, you might get a lot more than 20 hours of ride time out of it. If you like to push things and try to take the roughest terrain possible to see where your skills are at, you might even blow it in a day.

The important thing is to learn how to tell what your average looks like compared to the estimated average, and that will involve doing the work to take apart your exhaust tube and inspect it every few hours of riding until you see how it behaves. You will also want to check out the best dirt bike parts website to see if you can find performance packing that will buy you some extra time between change-outs.

Supporting Your Exhaust System

No part of your bike operates in a vacuum, so getting the most out of the exhaust packing means spreading the strain of rough terrain over a few systems. That way, you don’t need to push the engine as hard. Check out what the right off road dirt bike tires can do to give you more life in every part that’s made to wear by giving you more traction and control when terrain gets hairy.