Creating and Shaping Your Online Presence Using Technology

For better or for worse, a big part of how you present yourself as a person and a professional is going to come through the Internet. You can either be a victim of randomness and circumstance, or you can take an active role in shaping how you appear when people search for you online. And technology is going to be your best friend to make that happen.Creating and Shaping Your Online Presence

With some time, energy, and research, you can take control of how you relate to technology respecting your online presence. You can work with website design to create a space for yourself. You can craft your social media image. Online resumes are more critical than ever currently when you’re looking for a job. And you can take some time to understand search engine optimization and how it may affect your online persona.

Website Design

One of the easiest ways to create a space for yourself online is to make a website. It doesn’t have to be for specific commercial or personal purposes. It just has to be a space that you make that defines who you are outside of any other construct. Your website design on your web platform is outside of social media, critique, commentary, or persuasion from external factors. It is a way to give yourself to the online community in a genuine manner free from restraint.

Social Media Presentation

Though your personal website is a way to create an online presence, you have to be able to work in the social media realm as well. Learn to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the other platforms. At least put up a placeholder for yourself in those areas so that no one can abscond with your identity at any point. Professionally, learn to use social media for business so that people who only use the main platforms can find you easily.

Online Resumes

Creating an online resume is a little bit of an art form. However, if you do well, you can get all of the right attention for your qualifications. If you’re looking to find a job or even change careers, starting by crafting your online resume is a good bet to showcase what you’re good at and how you plan on moving forward in your career.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Anytime you submit text on the Internet, it’s going get searched by a web crawler. If you make it a point to understand how search engine optimization works, you can learn how to cluster keywords and organize your data so that people can find you more readily. Creating great textual content is a big part of your online presence, but learning how to arrange the words in a manner that can be searched by external sources gives you a competitive advantage eventually.

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