Cloud Storage for Small Businesses

cloud storageStoring important data and documents on your company’s premises can be dangerous – there are a lot of risks involved with keeping everything in one location; especially a location that is not necessarily secure; and even more so if you do not make copies of said documents and store them in a separate vicinity.

With more and more offices becoming paperless there is now a great deal of data out there in the ether, which means that it is more necessary than ever before to ensure that all of your information and important documents are backed up successfully. For many people (both at work and at home) this has always meant storing files on a USB memory stick, and while that is still better than not backing up your files at all, it can be pretty easy to lose such a small piece of equipment. Besides, there are many advantages to cloud storage, which offers a new take on backing up your data safely.

Storing your files in the cloud means that not only are they always in a safe location (assuming you are using a secure server such as the hybrid cloud at, but also means that your data is easily accessible wherever you are – at work; at home; or on the move. Cloud servers can be equipped with encryption that is easily the equal of whatever security measures you are implementing on your office computers, and is still easy enough for you to access your information on an array of devices, including your mobile phone.

If you were to store this data on your own dedicated servers the cost would be much higher, and as a result many SMEs are only able to afford to rent a portion of a server anyway, which is usually kept away from your company’s premises. Cloud storage represents a much more cost effective way of working for small businesses, with all the advantages in security.