ChatWork – A Communication Platform for Business World

ChatWork is a chatting platform mainly designed for business related people so that they can easily interact in a more casual and simpler way, leaving behind the hectic communication through Emails. It provides you with multiple user friendly features that helps in execution of tasks in much easier way with an organized format. One of the best features about ChatWork is that you would not get any spams, as there is a pre-requisite requirement of establishing a connection before you can actually start chatting.

It helps you in keeping track of every task that is assigned and completed, as in big management companies recording and track keeping of such tasks becomes very hysterical at times. It also helps you to set due dates for completion of certain tasks so that your employees or team members won`t miss their deadline. Its notifying feature is also good which lets you to convey to everyone in the team about the completion of a particular task.

Another thing that we liked about ChatWork, was its Cloud feature that lets you upload and store all your important data and files securely on to the Cloud so that you won`t lose any of your file and it also can be shared with your group members. It is also seen that usually video and audio chats have a tendency to become niggling. However in Chatwork, the audio and video quality is comparatively better and it is also has a higher accuracy and smoothness.

Although, the best thing is that it is available as an app on Android and iOS, so that you can easily access it via smart phones, which means that your work would not get affected when you are away from your office. Thus conclusively, all these above mentioned features make it unique and most appropriate for companies and teams.