What Car Wax Is Best For You And Your Car

Would you believe if we said there is more to car wax than the shine and luster? Difficult to believe but it is true. Waxing you car provides it with an extra layer which protects the pain underneath from small flying debris, the harsh sun and grime in general. So when the question of choosing the best car wax is thrust towards you, don’t just blurt out the name you saw in the latest commercial. Choosing the right car wax should be a ceremonious process, more like choosing the right life partner. You need to go through brand reviews and consumer reports to make your decision car wax

When Is Car Wax a Necessity?

Firstly let us start with how frequently you need to wax your car. Usually the wax layer stays from 6 to 8 weeks. Hence you should make a habit of washing and waxing your car every 8 weeks. If you are more of a luxury seeking person do not feel guilty to take your car out for a professional wash and wax session. In that case you can also opt for Carnauba Wax since they are completely natural and are the hot favorite of all car connoisseurs since it produces a warm luster and liquid glimmer. The feeling of owning a clean car with a fresh new sheen compares to nothing else in the world. Regular wash and wax can restore the lost glory of your vintage ride within weeks if you have the faith. You can also check best car battery.

Picking The Best Car Wax Just For You

However choosing the right wax may not be as easy as you had dreamed. You need to take your pick from quite a few different types of car waxes. Let us learn a few details about them right here.

1. Cleaner waxes– these are the ones which are most commonly used for both cleaning and waxing cars. This saves you a lot of work as it can clean, shine and add a protective layer all at once. These are the quickest solutions for dull finishes and dirty cars. If you have missed out on your waxing appointment for a couple of months now, you can make up for it yourself by getting Cleaner Waxes.

2. Finishing waxes– This one is especially recommended for you if you have a new car or if you had your car repainted only a couple of weeks ago. The finishing waxes add a perfect glow to your car body without the use of strong chemicals or cleansing agents.

You can choose from 4 different consistencies of car waxes-

Spray– this is actually the least favorite amidst all car lovers as they cannot withstand weather changes very well. However they are exquisitely easy to apply and wash off.

Liquid– this imparts the perfect sheen to all cars old and new. Liquid waxes are easy to use and easy to spread around.

Paste– this one takes a little effort but also they are the best waxes if you are looking for your money’s worth. They withstand all climate changes and stick around for at least 2 months.

Rubbing wax– this is especially used to restore chipped paint and scratches. These types of compounds are ideal for fixing minor issues with cars and save big bucks in the process.

The choice ultimately depends upon your varying needs and most importantly on the amount you are willing to pay for pimping your ride.

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