How to Build the Face of Your Business Online

In today’s world, if you run a business, you have so much to keep up with from bookkeeping to employees, production, and customer satisfaction, just to name a few. With the introduction of the internet and online shopping, you have a new opportunity, and some say a responsibility, to shape the face of your business online. Now you can reach millions of people all over the world at the same time. What do you say? What “foot” do you lead with? Keep reading to find out the important features of the online face of your business.


You know that in the daily life of your business, the reputation that it carries can make or break your bottom line. The environment online is no different except here, you make the acquaintance of several other types of people because of the reach of the internet. So, now you not only have to keep in mind the manners of one culture, but all. Make sure that you follow universal online etiquette and manners are just the start. Most likely, your services’ street reputation will precede it online, but not always. Make sure that you have the resources to keep up with the increase in production and the quality of that production that you will encounter online. You want your online reviews to push your business in the spotlight in a good way.

Ease of Accessibility

When considering the persona that the online version of your business will take, you need to consider as many different kinds of people that you can. Your usual crowd will visit, for sure, but being online will attract the occasional visitor that you may not encounter on a regular business. Your website should be easily accessible with well-defined categories and working buttons and links that go where they say they go. It should be easy enough that a kindergartener could find their way around. That’s not to say that some of your customers lack intelligence, but there are still a few of us out in the world that find the internet intimidating. An easy anagram comes to mind. K.I.S.S. –  Keep it simple stupid.

The Law of Attraction

In advertisement, there are some simple things to remember. Your advertisement should be colorful, straight to the point, and obvious. The way you design the website representing your business should be no different. Use color wisely on your site. For example, if you are running a business in the food industry, it is a scientific fact that reds and yellows tend to subconsciously make people hungry. Make sure that the print and font of the words on your page is easy to read and use images that make it well known what your business is about and that being involved is a good choice.

Technology has opened up a huge world to the business leaders of today. Use the tips above to make the best of the opportunity.