BSNL WiMax Overview

bsnl wimax overviewWimax is a wireless broadband technology that delivers WiFi-like speeds to large areas and it stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Although it provides spead like WiFi, there are lots of differences between WiFi and WiMAX. WiFi’s range is about 100 feet while WiMax coverage will blanket a 30-mile radius.

BSNL introduced WiMax service first time in India for rural people and With WiMAX, users in rural areas can access internet upto 7 Mbps broadband speed. With this high speed internet service users can participate in video conferencing, can make payment of utility bills, check land records and many more

BSNL WiMax provides large variety of Customer Premises Equipments ( CPE) including Outdoor, Indoor and USB dongles from which customers can choose as per their requirements.

  • Indoor : Suitable for Home/Office users and also can be used in vehicle.
  • Outdoor: Suitable for remote and rural areas and can be used upto 15 Km distance from BTS.
  • Dongle: Suitable for areas nearer to BTS.

Why Should You Buy BSNL WiMAX?

  • Internet browsing at lightning speed
  • Data Download/Upload at very high speed upto 7Mbps
  • Superior Performance
  • World’s latest wireless broadband technology
  • Very low cost and low starting tariff
  • Wide range of User friendly plans

Selling Price of WiMax CPE

1. Sale price of WiMAX CPE                                    Indoor/Outdoor-CPE/ USB-Dongle                         Rs.1500/ (Uniform)
2. Security Deposit for CPEs (Rental)                   Indoor-CPE/Outdoor-CPE/USB-Dongle                 Rs. 1000/(Uniform)

Minimum Hire Period for Limited & Unlimited plans

(i) For limited plans e.g. WI 220,WI350,WI750 etc.- 6 Months.

(ii)For Unlimited plans e.g. HOWI-750, BUWI UL-1999,3500,7000 etc.-3 Months.

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