Best Tech Investment Stocks

Everybody wants to save for a secure future.  Now that the global economy has found its footing again, many people are turning to stocks to build a nest egg. In today’s technologically-driven world, internet and tech stock options are more valuable now than ever. In 2013, tech and telecom stocks rose a sizzling 18%. Here are some tech investment stocks worth looking into to help you with your financial investments.Best Tech Investment Stocks


The computer mogul is seeing more stock value now than ever. Historically, IBM has enjoyed net profit margins in the mid teens, in addition to return on investment capital of 20%. The company’s revenues are driven by 86% from value-added services and software solutions.

Rovi Corp.

This world leader in tech solutions serves satellite, cable, telecommunications, mobile, and internet services. Additionally, it provides its services to A-list brands including Apple, Comcast, Google, Sony, and Verizon Wireless.


Cisco is one of the dominant contenders in the global telecommunications infrastructure industry and has dramatically grown its acquisitions and financial power. The company has a net cash value of about $30 billion, or $5.6 a share. The payout ratio is about 33% and Cisco has grown its EPS by 12% during the past decade.

ClearOne, Inc.

ClearOne is a small-cap tech stock that will probably hit it big this year. It’s best to get in on the ground floor to enjoy the most profits. The firm develops, designs, and sells streaming, collaboration and digital signage solutions for visual and audio communications nationwide and internationally. It’s year-to-date return is about 10.6% and ClearOne’s financial strengths can be seen in numerous areas, including the company’s robust revenue growth during recent years.


This company, which has a year-to-date return of 32%, provides machine to machine communication technology solutions, custom electronic equipment, and other related services for industrial applications all around the globe. Despite the fact that Elecsys as subpar net income growth, it also has numerous financial strong points, including high cash flow from operations, and a solid stock price performance.


The social media company still is strong in the stock market. Last year, its earnings nearly tripled – up 193%. The company’s ad revenue rose to $2.27 billion, with 59% of that coming from mobile marketing methods.

According to, some other internet and tech stocks that are profitable include Ebay, Inc., Costar Group, Inc., Netease, Inc., Envestnet, Inc., and Reis, Inc.

Many people still choose to use tangible items for profit, such as silver coins for investing.

However, many tech companies are growing in power in the stock market and can provide a sound financial investment for the people who choose to buy into them.