A World of Managers

The Needs for Managers

Doesn’t every business need a manager? Whether small or big, a one man army or a battalion behind enemy lines, each needs a head to give them direction, experience, exposure and guide them through the thick and thin of business situations. Managers are needed to tackle tough situations at work, obtain targets for the firms, and up revenue while increasing the profits as well. These stalwarts help in the distribution of work at hand, the responsibilities of the big head honchos and the brings together the smaller level issues on one front, bringing in some solidarity in the process.

World of ManagersThe Work Scope

These managers are often called Relationship Managers. This is because they help maintain the existing accounts and build new ones at the same time. These managers try getting more business through increased network as well as from the existing clients. They manage operations, sales targets, and revenue maximisation. They are also responsible in getting through the correct leads to guide the business, the effective way through. They have employees working under them. They distribute work to the team and supervise the gamut of trade and business operations. They act as representatives visiting major High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) and other prospective sales leads. They are generally responsible and answerable to the cluster head. The work is extremely diversified depending upon the stream and field the manager is working in. For e.g. take a look at Fidelity India careers, you will find most managerial positions related to mutual funds and financial instruments, while on the other hand take a look at Tesco jobs, they offer managerial positions in stores, retail, and warehousing. Thus, if you desire to make your career bright with a managerial position you will be spoilt for choice in the assorted fields on offer.


The salaries obtained by the managers in any field are commensurate with the level of sales that they make. The accounts they acquire and the addition of sales that they enable to make from the existing accounts. These jobs again are incentive based, the more sales made the more money earned. They start from Rs 60,000 to Rs 70, 000 for a manager with around 5 years of work experience. Incentives, based on nature of work may cumulate the monthly take home to around Rs. 1, 50,000 purely based on sales targets achieved. The salaries too depend upon the industry one is working in. Banking jobs offers more than the retail jobs at managerial levels.

Education Required

Managers are most preferred with a MBA on their resume. This is because this helps filters the practical experienced professionals from the more theoretical ones with lesser pragmatic operational experience. However, a degree in economics or finance may help you, less an MBA, for managerial jobs in the banking sector, while a specialization in supply chain management would land you a good job in the retail sector.

Of course, the more experience you have on hands, the more feats you have on your resume. The level of sales challenges you have faced will definitely sponsor a better salary and career pace.


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