8 Important SEO Tools To Spy On Your Competitors

You must spy on marketing moves of competitors if you want to beat them! To surpass the competition, you must know what are they doing and how they are keeping high search ranking. Honestly, spying on the competitors is the key digital marketing strategy, and followed by all professional internet marketers.best-seo-tools-to-spy

Why Should You Spy On Your Competitors?

A successful business is all about exploiting new opportunities and setting new targets based on your competition. Competition is necessary to get aspired. Without competition, you would not set a target or goal for your business or website.

Every business is insecure about its key strategies. When it comes to online businesses and website, you have an easy way to monitor or spy on your competitors. In past years, the internet has grown extensively. There are tons of factors that affect your website ranking. To improve ranking of your site, you can take help from Toronto SEO Agency.

Sometimes, despite all the hard work, you stay behind. The reason is that your competitor is doing something unique and better. It may be a backlink or keyword strategy or content marketing, etc. To analyze such factors, high-performance spying tools are available in the market.

5 Popular SEO Spy Tools

To save you from hassle, we have rounded up best SEO spying tools as follows:


According to a top Bangalore SEO company, SEMRush is a competent and specialized SEO spying tool. In simple words, it is the best tool to get the competitor data. Just visit the website, on a homepage, insert the competitor’s website and receive exact information about organic keywords, rank, and traffic. The best thing, everything shows up in graphical form! Interesting!

You must use this tool if you want to know about organic keywords and ranking of competitor’s website. The free version is pretty awesome. Most of the essential features come with a free package. But if you want to dig deeper, you may try paid version!


When it comes to backlinking, Ahrefs always stands out in the crowd!

It is a popular backlinking tool, which will show report including top pages, external links, and IPs. The best thing is that you can view exact number and details of unique referral links. This way, the new opportunities for new backlinks will get opened.

This tool is famous for its customer support. The customer service operators make sure that you get what you want!

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a popular link analysis tool, created by Moz! So, we can trust it!

You can use it to enhance link building of your website. But here we are talking about competitive analysis only. With this tool, you can determine how your competitors were stacking up against your website. You will receive each link profile that competitor is using. In fact, you can use this tool to find out how many other competitors are fighting for the same keyword.

This way, you can point out new opportunities for new quality backlinks!

Backlink Watch

As the name implies, Backlink Watch is a free backlinking tool!

It is a perfect tool for newbie webmasters, who cannot afford paid SEO tools.

This tool is sufficient to analyze backlinks of your competitor’s website. It provides insights about Page Rank of the website as well as the backlinks. In fact, you will check outbound links associated with your backlink. This is impressive! You will get additional information like Anchor text for the backlink. Overall, as a free tool, it is fairly good!

Rank Signals

You must use Rank Signals to unleash backlinks of competitor’s website!

Finding the competitor’s quality backlinks is the most efficient link building tactic. Using Rank Signals, you can have insights about link signals including Alexa rank, Page rank, and link ratio. It also helps in identifying bad and spammy backlinks too. And the best thing, it classifies the backlinks according to noFollow and doFollow status. It means you can exactly know which backlink is worth your time & effort!

3 SEO Tools You May Not Have Heard Of

Above listed tools are pretty popular among digital marketers. In this section, we will uncover best SEO tools without limelight but still awesome:


Moonsearch is a cutting edge free SEO spying tool that will provide detailed statistics about competitor’s website. It is a great platform to identify website’s traffic plus the sources without any investment!

Moonsearch does the hard work and presents complicated data about a site using its Google Page Rank, Catalog data and Alexa Rank. In fact, this tool ranks the website based on its specified factors too.

Its backlinking reports showcase the quantity and quality of backlinks. Being an innovative tool, it will integrate with Google Analytics account too!

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is the new tool on the scene. Although, it is launched recently, but digital marketers are happy with its performance. Its great customer service is winning the hearts. With this tool, you will have detailed backlink report right in your inbox. That is showing results of best domains with their rankings. You will get details about nofollow and dofollow status too. So, it is pretty useful!

Backlink Test

Backlink Test is a considerate choice when it comes to free SEO tools. As the name suggests, it is an innovative online tool for backlink analysis. You can use it for your website and competitor’s site too. Precisely, it determines the quality of your backlink, as quality backlinks affect the ranking most!


Hopefully, you enjoyed our roundup of best SEO spying tools. Although the market is stuffed with a lot of tools worth using, but we have listed only the best of them.

Honestly, Ahrefs and SEMRush come on the top. Their performance is undeniably useful and accurate. Now, it is your turn to use them and let us know about your experience with SEO spying tools!


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