5 Ways Modern Medicine and Technology Help With Addiction

Addiction has been getting a lot of press lately on a national scale. Because of the way that information spreads, and because of the way that the story of addiction plays on people’s thoughts and hearts, the consequences of addictive behaviors, on social and financial scales, is something that has come into a spotlight in the past year or so, much more than in the past. And what has also come into focus is that there are plenty of ways to use modern medicine and technology to help combat it.Modern Medicine and Technology Help With Addiction

Five ways in particular the latest advances allow us to take on addiction include our ability to collect online resources use high-tech medical analysis tools, use information analysis to spot trends, making medicine and psychology work better together for recover, and by allowing developers to create apps that help with timing and reminder systems.

Collecting Online Resources

 A big part of the modern information-scape is the collection of resources on specific topics. This helps addicts in a number of ways. By simply searching for the answer to a specific question – like why addicts relapse, for instance – the best and latest information in the world is already collected for them, vetted and produced by experts and people successful in the field. And that information is absolutely free.

Using High-Tech Medical Analysis Tools

When you look at the latest medical advances, it can be hard to believe we’re not already living in the future. Medical breakthroughs have allowed incredibly detailed analysis of the human body with respect to blood pressure, chemical flow through the brain, nutritional analysis, blood sugar levels, and an unbelievable number of other factors. Through the analysis, addicts can understand on a chemical level why they’re ticking like they are.

Using Analysis To Spot Trends

Because medical records are now electronic for the most part, the medical industry can put together trends like never before. They can match signs and symptoms of addiction to geography, age, demographic, personality type, genetics, etc., and then use this data to determine risk factors across the board.

Making Medicine and Psychology Work Better Together

Technology has also bridged the gap between medicine and psychology, and this has been part of the missing link the in past with regard to addiction treatment. Because different field experts now have the ability to talk to each other and share information more freely, the approach to addiction is much more holistic thanks to modern communication techniques.

Creating Apps that Help With Timing and Reminders

And finally, for addicts who want to help themselves, there are a ton of apps for mobile devices that help with reminders about positive results, help with timing of supplemental nutritional needs, and help with positive feedback loops and social pressure that can help folks overcome addictive behaviors on a personal level.

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