5 Ways to Download Torrents Anonymously

Due to increase in anti-piracy operations with dubious authorities policing and monitoring torrent downloading, many torrent users are vulnerable and at risk. Torrent users want to hide their identities from the world. In order to realize this want, we have compiled a list of five ways users can download torrents anonymously.

Download Torrents Anonymously

Some of the services we are listing are free while others might cost you some money. Like always, the free solutions have some catch, they are generally slower and filled with ads while paid services guarantee you the same speeds.


The most common and easy way to stay anonymous is VPN. Many torrent users have found out this secret of eternal downloading. VPN allows you to hide your IP address and render your location untraceable. Many VPN services have a free and premium version – needless to say that premium version offers more features.

VPN will not only conceal your tormenting activities, it will also conceal all the traffic coming in and out of your internet connection. It is a full-proof way of ensuring safety.

A recommended solution, https://vpntrends.com/best-vpn-torrenting/, I have personally used it and can vouch for it.

It is important that you select a VPN that allows torrent downloading, there are many services that will conceal your IP but won’t allow downloading of any content from torrents.


BTGuard is a proxy service that aims at hiding the IP addresses of a user. Your IP address becomes untraceable, no matter if you browse or download anything. The service works on all platforms; Windows, Mac and Linux.

BTGuard is not like any other proxy service. It is built specifically for torrent users, particularly BitTorrent users. BTGuard works with all the torrent sites that use “Socks V5″ proxy. BTGuard is operated by TorrentFreak. Therefore, it is a credible torrent anonymity service.

However the service is not free and it will cost you $6.95 for one install, which is next to nothing – so it is an incredibly cheap service if not free.


Much like BTGuard, TorrentPrivacy is also a proxy service targeted for torrent users. The advantage it has over other proxies is its highly customizable and pre-configured settings for all torrent clients. The disadvantage is that TorrentPrivacy only works on Windows platforms.

TorrentPrivacy is a very cheap and well-directed torrent anonymity service, it doesn’t bother with the rest of your internet. It is 100% torrent based.


Anomos is an encoded multi P2P file distribution software. Anomos isn’t highly compatible with other torrent clients, it has its own torrent service called Atorrent. Atorrent is considered to be normally slower than other torrent clients.

Anomos is secure, it is spam-free and it is a very efficient tool. However you now know the pros and cons of choosing the service. If you are OK with using Atorrent client, then Anomos is a got solution for you.


SeedBox is a dedicated high-speed server that is used for torrent data transfer. You do not download the file on your computer, you download it on SeedBox with complete anonymity and then you download it on your computer via their server. Once your download is complete on the server, you can download it through a very quick HTTP connection.

About the author:
Nuur Hasan is a software developer and a political activist, he intends to dedicate his life to the becoming the voice of the voiceless.




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