5 Things That Can Destroy Your Blog

Blogging is currently the only profession at which one can feel satisfy about. The way you income through this is certainly attention dragging. However, don’t stay with the wrong mindset that these bloggers earn without any hard work. It might be offer you the most comfortable working environment, but you can’t avoid being careful about it. It’s your site means you can write your way, but it should be the viewers’ way to be appreciated. Here in the line-up we present some of the mistakes those a newbie blogger is most likely to practice; no matter it is due to ignorance, excitement, or being greedy.things that can destroy your blog

Make sure you are not just showing off:

There is no scarcity of people with the mindset that loading a post with information increases its value. It’s like a software engineer talking about codes in front of a cricketer who has no interest. Blog is like a movie, where a concept is obvious to be there, but up to the needed extent. One must not feel like a rude lecture torturing you. To make it interesting you must maintain proper balance between your data and their practical implementation ways with proper examples. In other words, you may explain your statement in a catchy way let the readers stick for a while with it.

Give as much emphasis on promotion, social Medias specially

We have already compared blogging with a flick. And, needless is to mention about how crucial is promotion for a movie. But in most cases we have seen people do mistakes by spending extra time with contents and neglect their promotion in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. One good post accompanied well with promotions can drag much more traffic than your plethora of articles lacking promotion.

In fact, the recent Google upgrade makes social media promotion an integral part of SEO. Things reach millions within no time through these social platforms. Hence, neglecting these is nothing but raw stupidity.

False promotion can put negative effect

Sometimes people over promote that in fact goes in a negative way. It’s something like a politician’s controversial statement that affects the whole party. Commonly we see people highlight their blog through false traffic reports or false income sheet. See, everything can be regained, but not the trust.

Extra importance for Likes, or similar things

It has been seen in many cases that people bluff in terms of email subscriptions. They hike of their own. They waste much valuable time in gathering likes for their pages through false accounts. Any visitor will keep on visiting if you can satisfy him through your content quality.

Not participating in forums, discussions

People apply wrong ways to promote their blogs, and skip the essential steps considering those wastes of time or less important. One such practice is not participating in forums, or not commenting on interesting discussions.

People might skip it for ego, or whatever. But, this practice can build much potential links and drag attentions of potential viewers. In addition, you can get more information, finetune your idea, and most importantly manufacture friends. Those who avoid these things certainly confine themselves, and eventually stay at loser’s side.

If you are also someone who is committing such mistakes, then don’t be lazy to make it too late. Time is still there, hurry up!

Author: Evelyn is basically a blogger, though many call her a guru. She is presently dealing with some hundred blogs on various niches, and most of them are highly successful. You can stay updated about her blogging tips by visiting essayjedi.com.