5 Sections Every Business Website Should Include

A well-designed website should always include a few basic elements.  The age of sloppy website design is over, and the industry is quickly becoming much more competitive.  Design trends change yearly, like a fashion lineup. Sections Every Business Website Should Include

To compete for visibility against other businesses in the industry, the company’s website must be properly laid before the people who will visit.  Take a moment to read over this quick summary of just a few of the most important sectional elements every business website should include.


A company’s homepage is their first impression page.  The site only has a couple of seconds to grab user’s attention, and the homepage is a business’s first chance to draw interest.  Homepages are the chance to engage users in their company’s purpose, product, and services.

An effective homepage will be clear and concise, as well as eye-catching and informative all at the same time.  Include a quick overview of what the company has to offer the general public and why users could benefit from investing their time in the business.

About Us

The “About Us” page of a website should include some specific information about who, what, when, where, and why the company is in operation.  Include an overview of the company’s history and founders.  Highlight crucial company employees and their journey to success.

The “About Us” section is all about showing users just what the business has to offer.  Check out this excellent example of an informative “About Us” section.


It is good to include a bit of information concerning products or services on the company’s homepage, but creating a separate webpage specifically for products or services will expand on what exactly the company brings to the proverbial table.  People need to know why they are spending time looking over the site.  Make them clearly understand.

Provide information in spurts, as many people do not have the patience to tackle large paragraphs and long textual inserts.  Be clear and to the point.  It is not a bad idea to create subpages for each service or product made available by the specific business.

Contact Us

A website’s “Contact Us” page is one of the most important pieces of the web design puzzle.  People enjoy the opportunity to converse with company representatives when they have a question or comment.

The page should include a brick and mortar address, a telephone number that will actually offer assistance, or a link to a cohesive FAQ page.  It is also helpful to provide an interactive comment box that links to a company email address.

Blog entries

Blog posts can be a great way to grab the attention of information seekers.  Post relevant industry news or informative awareness articles.  Keep readers interested.