5 Best Colors to Use in Email Marketing

Many consumers, up to 77 percent, have now chosen to receive promotional content through their email. A shocking 93 percent of the purchases a consumer makes are based on appearance. It stands to reason then, that your design and color scheme for your email marketing should be of the highest quality and appeal for your consumer. Always think about the audience you are targeting and what feelings you want to invoke. Be aware of age groups and various demographics as well. Included here are a few of the best colors to choose when utilizing email marketing.email marketing

Widely popular, blue is the most favorable color used in online marketing. Inadvertently, blue causes consumers to trust your agency as well as encourages buyers that you are an honest, wise and dependable company. Your audience is more likely to thoroughly read your marketing email if it is accented with blue. Use this color wisely though, blue actually suppresses the appetite and would be a poor choice for any restaurant or food industry.


The color red is very effective at grabbing the attention of your consumer. If you want to encourage your audience to buy, this is the color that will incite action and encourage them to make a purchase. It creates feelings of passion and can help stimulate the appetite. Red is also one of the primary colors that promotes energy and creativity; as a very bold color it will appeal to younger audiences.


Reminiscent of the sun, yellow is a great communicator of cheer and warmth. Subconsciously, the brain produces serotonin upon seeing yellow, which encourages mental clarity and positive feelings. Yellow is also one of the primary colors to invoke appetite in your consumer and can prove ideal for restaurant promotion. However, be careful not to overuse this color, as too much yellow can actually incite anxiety in your consumer.


Frequently used in healthcare and infant product promotion, white is a color that promotes feelings of new beginnings and purity. White is often an indicator of neutrality or fairness, but can need a splash of pastel in marketing to keep it from becoming too sterile or unfriendly. Be aware of your audience though; while Western markets may view white as an example of purity, in some Asian cultures it is viewed as bad luck.


An ideal choice for any earth-friendly company, green automatically invokes feelings of nature, growth and healing. Green can also be a great inciter of creativity. Dark green often communicates wealth and prestige and is an ideal choice for banks, pharmacies, and technology companies. An obvious choice for the “green” company, it can also be a great color for book lovers or library promotion as it soothes the eyes.