5 Best In Car Gadgets To Go With Your Electric Vehicle

If you’re driving an electric or hybrid vehicle, you already know that car technology is rapidly evolving and changing the way we drive. At Pines Ford in Pembroke, Florida, for example, you’ll find electric cars that make driving less stressful with a lower potential for breakdown while providing a quiet and smooth ride. And who ever expected that we would be plugging in our cars at charging stations the way we charge our phones? Times have certainly changed.

Now that you’re driving a car straight from the future, you should be stocking your car with these 5 new in car gadgets that will improve your driving experience. With these tools, you’ll have an enjoyable ride in the smartest car in town.

Eyes On The Road

Since you love the car you drive, you’ll want to do whatever you can to protect it. That’s why you’ll want to equip your car with Garmin’s Dash Cam 35. The Dash Cam watches the road and can help confirm the source of an accident. The tool is particularly valuable because Dash Cam senses unusual G forces that could indicate an accident, but it can also take still photos afterward if there is an accident.


Speed Demon

If you’re a little overexcited about your electric car, you may be skirting too close to the speed limit – or beyond it. That’s why you’ll want to equip your car with a Valentine One radar detector that can indicate to you when police are nearby and offer a reminder to slow down. You don’t want to be caught speeding too fast into the future.

Plug It All In

Are all your cup holders filled with empty Starbucks cups and spare change? Well you might want to swap one of them out so that you have room for Energizer’s 12V 180-watt cup inverter. With a standard plug-in socket and several USB plugs, this inverter will give you room to charge all your most important devices while on the road which means no more travel limitations imposed by your GPS or phone battery.

Work Where You’re Comfortable

Now that you have such an impressive and well-equipped car, you may never want to leave. That’s why you should put an AutoExec vehicle desk in your car. With room to prop up your computer and even a compartment for hanging files, you’ll be able to work comfortably while on the road – or just waiting to pick up the kids from practice. We all know that cars are our second home, so a desk is certainly a worthwhile addition.

Keep Your Tech On Hand

While an Apple Sport watch may not be made specifically to complement your car, but what it will do is coordinate other devices like your phone, alerting you to important messages, and helping you keep track of various apps. Plus, Apple Sport watches can be customized to match your personal aesthetic – aligning your style and your ride.

Picking out an electric car says a lot about a person, but so do the gadgets a person chooses to put in it. These handy tools will set you apart on the road, and that will take you far.

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