15 of the Best Downloadable Business Apps

Best Downloadable Business AppsHaving your own business or simply working for a reputable company entails immense responsibilities. There are so many things to remember, so many trips to embark upon, and so much money that changes hands.

Sometimes it makes your head spin. A businessman can use a little help in every aspect of the job. Great smart device apps can help organize and simplify various aspects of your business.

Here are 15 great business apps you should download.

1. Audio Memos

This neat little app is perfect for remembering the key points of a business meeting. With this simple program, you can record the meeting or any other information you need to remember.

2. Evernote

Evernote is an all-in-one wonder. With this app, you can save notes, pictures, and clips from the Internet. Then you can share all this information across devices. This is a great little tool for business.

3. CloudOn

This free app provides Microsoft Word for your phone. It even works with the touch-screen interface. This amazing little program is compatible with both Android and iPhone smart devices.

4. Campfire

Having trouble getting your points across, and through to other departments? This group chat app is perfect for having discussions with coworkers in separate rooms of your office. You can share photos and files and the program doesn’t have lots of spam to cause distractions.

5. Cardmunch

You don’t just have to have a paper business card. Cardmunch provides you with a digital card that you can use on your business contacts list, especially those related to LinkedIn.

6. HootSuite

This application handles all your social media accounts on one handy dashboard. This helps to get all notifications and messages out quickly without rummaging through your phone.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best business social network, so its matching app is awesome as well. This is one of the best places to make new business acquaintances and find more leads.

8. Mileage Tracker

This innovative app is a big help when you travel on company time. You can track your mileage yourself and know exactly how much you should be reimbursed. This app is available only on the Android.

9. TripIt

This app organizes your whole trip, including finding the hotel, making the reservations, and even finding flight information. If you use this app along with information from sites such as Forlocations, you’ll have much more success in your travel ventures. It saves you the trouble and does everything for you.

10. AwardWallet

If you’re a businessman, chances are you travel often and probably have accumulated travel rewards. This handy app organizes all your rewards so they are easy to keep track of when it’s time to leave.

11. Asana

This app keeps up with all tasks that have been assigned to you whenever you were out of the office. It not only organizes documents, it also allows you to use the program like a dropbox, which makes it much easier to send paperwork and images.

12. Checkmark

This app is simply a to-do list for the iOS platform. It reminds you of all the things you need to do. If you are on a business-related trip, it’ll also remind you of things you need to do in the general area you are traveling in.

13. Fantastical

This is one of the most outstanding apps available. An interactive calendar app, it responds to voice commands to schedule and document all events and appointments on a requested calendar day and date. It does the scheduling for you so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to type in dates and times for events.

14. Indeed

This job-search app helps you find your next employer or client. As with the website, the Indeed app always sends updates of the latest openings.

15. The Ladders

This app matches you with jobs that align with your qualifications. You don’t even have to do a search for the app to work.

There are many business apps that help make things so much simpler. When you’re on the go, a great application or two can make the difference between success and failure.

These apps also help you to find vacations spots and places to relax during business trips. You can utilize these apps with sites such as Forlocations, to serve all trip functions and experiences better.

Saving time and money is what your business needs … and finding a time to relax is what you need.