10 things the iPhone 7 is likely to come up with!

Though there is still a little time until we can finally see hear from Apple Inc about the iPhone 7; we have come up with a couple of things that the phone is likely t flaunt!iphone 7

Here they are:

  1. It will release in the month of September

This is something which we are pretty sure of going by the trends that iPhones have been following in the past. The iPhone 6 and 6S both released in September and the iPhone 7 is likely to be here by then too!

It could come in earlier than that also, who knows?

  1. The price is similar to that of 6S

Most of the times, the iPhone prices are similar throughout the year and therefore when it is time for the iPhone 7 to hit the market the iPhone 6S will undergo a decrease in price!

Going by that, the iPhone 7 is likely to £539 for the base model.

  1. A new iOS might be in the making!

There have been news earlier when along with the entry of a new model; a new iOS has hit the market too. iPhone 7 might as well be working with the iOS 10!

  1. The iPhone 7 will have a sleeker design!

Rumours suggest that the iPhone 7 will do away with the antenna lines and camera bump. This in turn will make the rear case handling easier.

  1. Sharpness to the screen without a bezel!

The Apple phones come with QHD display or a 4K display most of the times; the iPhone 6S doesn’t have 1080p which leads us to the fact that iPhone 7 would have a better resolution!

Most of Apple’s rivals have a QHD or 4K display, the iPhone 6S doesn’t even have a 1080p HD screen, so a bump in resolution for the iPhone 7 would make sense.

  1. It might sport a hexa-core processor!

Each version of the iPhone comes up with a better performance for speed and functionality. It comes as no surprise if the iPhone 7 will undergo a speed boost!

  1. A missing headphone jack

There have been reports and rumours which say that the iPhone 7 will do away with the headphone jack in order to give it the thinnest look the 3.5mm jack will help the users do away with the space it occupies.

This also leads us to the fact that using this would require users to buy Bluetooth earphones!

  1. Wireless charging is the new cool!

Chances are that wireless charging will be well integrated with the iPhone 7.

It is being tested as of now. Other things include multi-force touch, USB C type c0nnector and as well fingerprint scanner!

Let us see what the phone finally comes up with!

  1. Dual Camera sounds great!

It could very well have a dual camera but there are many speculations which makes it dicey to believe upon.

  1. Just a guess, people might queue up from July itself!

The iPhone 7 is a major breakthrough, everyone is pretty excited!