5 Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Marketers

The concepts surrounding social media as a marketing tool have been on full buzz mode for many years now. However, because it’s a constantly evolving topic and tool, if you ever stop learning and evolving along with it, you’ll eventually get left behind in the madness of tech chaos.

So, as marketers, or even as just an individual interested in social media marketing concepts, here are five quick dos and don’ts that will help you remain floating on the tumultuous sea that topic has become – do pay attention to what other outlets are saying, never ever tip the balance and start spamming, do emulate the patterns the successful people are using, don’t copycat their content entirely, and always be genuine.

Do Pay Attention To What Other Sites Are Saying  

Just because lots of sites have their own takes and opinions on social media and what it means doesn’t mean that you can discount any of that information as not valuable. Read suggestions about social media on every site that you can. Yes, you will run into a lot of repeat information, but it’s the new nuggets that are expressed in a different way that will give you some insight.


Don’t Spam                               

No matter how loud you want to shout your message, it’s never good to spam. Keep the frequency of your information under control! The second that people think your information is cluttering up their feeds, they’ll simply unfollow your profiles without a second thought. No matter what your industry or your message, one word that you never want associated with any of your social media presentations is ‘annoying’.

Do Emulate the Patterns of Successful Figures

If you aren’t already an expert on various social media customs, one thing you can do to quickly at least join the fray as a contributing member is by emulating the posting strategies of successful people, companies, or figures. Find the most popular Twitter feeds, for example, and see how often they post, and what they post about. Find out how they interact with other people, and take notes.

Don’t Copycat Content

But, no matter how much you enjoy the social media content coming from one or two different outlets, don’t ever get in the habit of copying all of their content directly. That’s one sure way to irritate people who are already following those feeds.

Do Be Genuine       

Being genuine is the ultimate key to having a successful social media presence. If what you’re trying to present isn’t sustainable, than even if you gain a following at some point, you’ll lose it when your image isn’t constantly and naturally maintained through all of the platforms available to you. This counts both as an individual and as a brand.