Working guide to root Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet quickly

Root-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-10_1Are you shocked? It’s true. Yes we created rooting tutorial for recently released Samsung’s product called as “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1”. Thanks for a XDA developer for helping us to write this rooting tutorial very quickly. This product is released just few weeks ago, XDA developers are very fast in work, that’s how this rooting guide is released very quickly.


1. Please remember rooting your device will ruin your purchase warranty (But Don’t worry you can get it back with help of SU )

2. Another thing to remember, this is an unofficial tutorial, Developed by a XDA forum developer. Techbusket  is not responsible for any damage if causes to your device.

3. Last one, Please follow all our detailed guide lines to avoid problems while rooting your tablet. Please don’t root your note 10.1 if you don’t have knowledge about rooting, custom roms etc.

Checklist before going to root your device:

1. Take backups of your important data. Sms, Calls, Massages, photos, videos, etc. Use any backup application to done this task.

2. Your battery must and should have 100% charge.

3. Disable or remove antivirus suite.

4. Enable USD Debugging on your tablet (Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging)

5. Make sure your device have Samsung drivers.

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1:

1. Restart your tablet now; you have to enter to the download mode. To enter press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons.

2. You’ll see a massage about download mode, Do the same thing again (1st point)

3. Now you have to download 2 files, Download ODIN and stock rom to your computer.

4. Once downloading has finished, Just unzip those downloaded files. File extension would be .tar

5. Now Open downloaded ODIN file.

6. Now in Odin application Select “PDA” option and choose downloaded .tar file then just Click “Start” Button.

7. Now you can see the working process on live, May be its take several minutes to compete. Just wait until “Done” Massage, it means total process is finished.

8. Now eject your device from PC. Now turn on your tablet and once check “SUPER USER APP” to confirm that your device is rooted or not.

9. That’s it, Your tablet is rooted successfully.

Are you get confused on any step of above procedure? Please let us know on below commenting section. Share your experience with us.


Thanks for reading,

Techbusket Team.