Five Ways to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection

speed up a slow internet connectionAre slow internet speeds interfering with your business or at-home relaxation? You don’t have to put up with buffering videos or websites that take a minute to load. Your internet speed can be repaired, even if you aren’t a computer expert.

Easy Ways to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection

Run a Virus Scan

Viruses might be slowing down your internet connection. These unpleasant computer programs can infest your PC and steal your internet speed. Luckily, you can detect and remove viruses easily. Just install a free virus detector; newer computers come with these programs pre-installed. Run a scan and see if you’ve unwittingly picked up any unwanted viruses.

Secure Your Wireless Internet

If you use wireless internet, it’s possible for others to use your connection. Your router transmits internet for over 50 feet. You have to secure your wireless signal to ensure no one else is using it. Without a password, your neighbor could be using all of your internet speed. Make sure your wireless network has a secure password and consider changing it just to be sure no one’s using it.

Check Your Modem

A modem is the device that receives and sends internet traffic. Older modems are not built for connecting to wireless routers or transmitting large amounts of data. You can find the model number of your modem on the bottom of the device; make sure it’s capable of receiving modern internet speeds. Your internet service provider can help you with this step. Consider updating your modem if you’ve had it for several years.

What Do You Do Online?

Some online activities take up more bandwidth than others. If you don’t have enough bandwidth to handle these activities, your internet speed will be sluggish. Downloading large files, using the internet for long distance calling with Skype or other programs and watching videos online will use large amounts of bandwidth. If you do these activities on a regular basis, you’ll need more bandwidth than someone who just checks email or browses the news.

Upgrade Your Internet Speed

Not all internet plans are equal. If you’ve had the same plan for several years and your internet use has changed, it’s time to upgrade your speed. Call your internet company and ask them for more bandwidth. You may more per month, but you’ll enjoy your online experience much more.

Using the internet should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t let slow speeds keep you from getting the most out of your internet service. Call your internet company and ask for help getting your speed back up to where it should be.

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