Best Cases and Covers for your Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is a big investment for a smartphone. With its distinct features and sleek form, it is indeed one of the best phones out in the market. However, given its expensive pricepoint, buying accessories for your device is the best thing to do, not only to take care of it but also to transform its look from time to time.

The Korean manufacturer’s tagline is dubbed as “designed for humans” and while it caters to the convenience of humans, it also means one thing: it can be prone to damage, either because of the owner’s clumsiness or neglect. Sturdy cases for this phone are available in the market to address this growing need. Check out these best cases for your smartphone, so that you never have to worry about your Samsung Galaxy SIII:

MobC Leaf Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII


Best Cases and Covers for your Samsung Galaxy SIII_03The MobC Leaf Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII is a unique case. Aside from protecting the back part of the phone, this case comes in four pastel colors, which will make it a big hit with females. Its distinct feature is a leaf applique that also doubles as an earphone cord holder. This is an excellent choice for music lovers who want to stash their earphones away in an organized fashion without having to compromise style and function.

Musubo Galaxy SIII Cases

Best Cases and Covers for your Samsung Galaxy SIII_01The Musubo line is comprised of three cases: the Mummy, the Rubber Band and the Retro. Inspired by Tokyo style, each case stays true to its name. The Mummy case is glossy and sleek, made distinct by its woven pattern. The Rubber Band case seems like a case with plenty of bands wrapped around it, and it even has a built-in loop for attaching a strap or a charm. For those who want dual layer protection for their phone, the Retro’s strong polycarbonate shell coupled with a silicon cushioned interior provides it. All three of these cases are high-quality and have foldable viewing stands. This stand feature is convenient especially when you intend to watch a movie using your Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Point Diary Case Cover


Best Cases and Covers for your Samsung Galaxy SIII_02For people who want a nifty case for their Samsung Galaxy SIII, this diary style case is the perfect fit. Its notebook style form comes with a magnet lock to keep the flip cover in place when not in use. Its front cover allows it to be protected from possible scratches when inside a bag, and it can be folded back during use. Best of all, this diary case comes in a variety of attractive colors to match your personality.

Choosing the right case protects your device from scratches and can even help in preventing damage after a huge drop. While buying accessories is optional, it is a small expense when compared to the cost of sending a phone to be repaired for damage. For this powerful and relatively expensive device, the Samsung Galaxy SIII deserves nothing less than a case that suits its outstanding features.

Written by Erica Alman, a self confessed online shopaholic.  She loves hunting down bargains online and enjoys sharing her experiences on shopping blogs.